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8 DIY Halloween Decorations the Kids Will LOVE!

Ghost and mummy decorations sitting next to a lit candle.
Halloween is thrilling for people of all ages. If you have small children, make the holiday fun without being too spooky by filling your home with kid-friendly DIY Halloween decorations. Here are five easy, great-looking ideas you can make as a family.

Trash Bag Spider Webs

All you need for this thrifty Halloween decoration is a few black trash bags, scissors, painter’s tape, and a silver or gold permanent marker. Hang them in the windows for a creepy silhouette after dark.

Get the full instructions from Fast Forward Fun.

Movable Mummies

Here’s a fun, original idea that isn’t just decoration—it can even be a seasonal toy for your kids! Moveable Mummies are made from rubber-coated flexible garden wire covered in strips of muslin cloth. Simply shape the wire into a stick figure and wrap one-half-inch strips of muslin around the frame.

For pictures and instructions, visit Family Chic by Camilla Fabbri.

Pumpkin Porch Light Covers

For inexpensive outdoor Halloween decor, pick up a few plastic pumpkin pails, get creative with the scissors, and there you have it—temporary porch light covers for about $1 each!

Get more tips from Instructables.

Eyeball String Lights

Add a spooky flair to your Halloween decor using nothing but a string of white holiday lights, ping pong balls, and permanent markers. Let the kids each decorate a few ping pong balls to resemble bloodshot eyes. Then, cut an X into each ping pong ball with an X-Acto knife and slip them over the holiday lights. Plug in the strand, and those creepy eyeballs will light up!

Learn more about this craft from Landee See Landee Do.

Frankenstein Door

If your front door is green, convert it into a Frankenstein door for Halloween! Simply cut out spiky hair, eyes, mouth, a grizzly scar, and neck bolts out of black and white felt. Command strips work great for securely attaching the decor to your door without damaging the paint.

Get all the instructions and more Halloween decor ideas from East Coast Creative.

Hanging Foam Bats

This simple DIY Halloween decoration is so easy, that your kids can probably do it by themselves. Whether you want to hang these critters in your home or outside, making them from durable craft foam ensures they’ll stand up to the elements. Simply trace a bat template on black foam, cut it out, glue it on googly eyes, and attach a fishing wire.

Read the full instructions on

Halloween Glass Jar Luminaries

Do you have a kitchen cabinet full of glass jars you’ll never use? With a little paint, permanent markers, and tissue paper, you can turn them into DIY Halloween decorations! Get creative with your designs. For instance, you might paint the jar orange with a jack-o-lantern face. Or you can make a decoupage with equal parts white glue and water, and adhere tissue paper to the sides of the jar.

For the full instructions, visit Kids Kubby.

Illuminated Ghosts

Light up your porch just in time for trick-or-treaters to arrive with a pair of glowing ghosts! They look great, and the project is easy to pull off. Simply wrap white holiday string lights around a tomato cage, and set something round on top, such as a Styrofoam ball. Cover it with a white sheet, glue on black felt eyes, and there you have it!

See pictures and more instructions on Listotic.

Decorating your house is one way to get into the Halloween spirit, but make sure your kids also have costumes they love!

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