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Best Window Film Installation by Window Genie

Today, many homes are being built with an emphasis on open-concept designs. This means open floor plans, high ceilings, and of course, a lot of glass window frontage. This style has boomed in popularity recently, and nowadays more contractors are accommodating customer requests for window-heavy homes as new construction methods allow for lower costs and ease of installation.

Before window tinting installation gained ground in the industry, the open and airy aesthetic offered by window-heavy frontage came at a great cost to the homeowner. In exchange for a stylish home with a wonderful view, homeowners were forced to deal with energy inefficiency, glare, and harmful UV rays that could affect their family members' skin just as easily as they would fade furniture. Fortunately, advances in the window film industry now let homeowners have their cake and eat it too, as the old expression goes. For over 20 years, Window Genie experts have been offering a lot more to their customers than squeaky-clean windows. Window Genie window film installation has been a tremendously popular service, with its high demand and customer satisfaction helping Window Genie secure its place in Entrepreneur magazine's Fastest-Growing Franchises rankings.

Despite the quality and cost-effectiveness of Window Genie window film installations, many fiercely independent homeowners opt to try their hand at their home installation. Many Window Genie customers have shared their home installation horror stories, recounting the unexpected difficulty of window film handling and setting. Here is what to expect if you insist on trying a home install on your own:

  • Window film is very difficult to handle, and can be as much an art as it is a science. This very thin material creases and folds very easily, which spoils the application attempt. Furthermore, any dust or excessive dryness must be avoided during your installation, and when it comes to single-pane windows, the outdoor temperature must be appropriate, being no colder than 0°C.
  • You will need to mix your slip solution to apply the film properly, as it will not adhere properly to a dry window or one that is improperly wetted with water alone. Your slip solution should contain an appropriate mix of water and washing solution, but the exact ratio cannot be universally prescribed, since potencies vary among name brands. Mixing an appropriate slip solution is very important, and is something that many would-be DIYers struggle to do correctly.
  • You will need to clean your window thoroughly before you start your installation. This calls for more than a simple soapy scrub-down; you will need to take a window scraper to any paint or dirt specks to ensure that the surface is smooth and clean. You will then need to give your window a traditional wash, and a professional-grade squeegee to finish. Your window film installation needs a strong foundation, which means a clean, smooth, and slip-sprayed surface.

It is plain to see why many homeowners struggle to achieve the window film installation they want when trying to handle it on their own. The preparation phase alone requires a great deal of practical knowledge and experience. Any missteps along the way can easily cause creases and folds which will ultimately ruin the look and longevity of your window film. The worst part is that window film installation mistakes are highly visible and cannot be tucked away in the same way that a DIY dry-walling job can be covered up.

Because of the difficult and high-stakes visibility of an installation, it is always in the homeowner's best interest to invest in a professional-grade window film installation, and Window Genie offers one of the best in the business. Window Genie has been cleaning and tinting windows for over 20 years and the public response to their high-quality work and commitment to customer care has spurred serious company growth. Window Genie lets homeowners enjoy the modern, open-concept look of full window frontage without having to deal with the associated heat loss and UV exposure. Have your cake and eat it too – just call Window Genie today for the best window film installation around!

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