As the seasons change, winter into spring, spring into summer, we often get the urge to change up the look and feel of our home. Rejuvenating your home is a fantastic idea that can take many different forms. One way to accomplish this goal is to give your homes’ exterior a fresh, new look. We have some ways you can do it without spending a small fortune.   We’ll share some tips to help get your creative juices flowing and add some pizzazz to your home without breaking the bank. These simple ideas don’t take much time and won’t break your budget for the year. So, if you’ve been wondering how you can change things up a little, we have you covered. 

Decorative Window Film  

Decorative Window Film is a simple alternative to etched or stained glass. It can enhance the look of your windows and provide some extra privacy at the same time. Although etched and stained glass is beautiful, it can also be very expensive. Artisan glass is also very nice, but incredibly expensive too. A window film can give you a similar look, and the privacy you want, at a fraction of the price.   You also have more freedom to change up the patterns and colors more easily when the mood strikes you. Decorative film is a fantastic temporary or permanent solution to jazz up the glass and gives the exterior of your home a new, different look.   

Give Your House a Bath 

Pressure washing the exterior of your home is another great way to make it sparkle and let its natural beauty shine through. Just like anything else that is constantly exposed to the elements, your home can get dirty, and sometimes you don’t even notice because it happens gradually over time. A thorough pressure wash can yield some surprising results, especially if it’s been several months since the exterior has been cleaned.   Pressure washing is also an excellent preventative measure against things like mold and rot. When dirt or mud stays on the surface of your home for a long time, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. This can eventually lead to structural damage. Pressure washing helps loosen and remove debris and bacteria, which in turn will help safeguard your home.   Related Topic: 3 Reasons to Clean and Secure Your Gutters 

Revive Your Driveway and Sidewalks  

The concrete around your home is another area that can get dirty and discolored over time. Meticulous concrete cleaning can reinvigorate the walkways and driveway in front of your home and have an amazing effect on the overall appearance of your home. You might be surprised just how bright and sparkling your driveway can look after a proper cleaning.   Cleaning the hard surfaces around your home can also prevent the proliferation of mold and mildew, just like it can with your home’s exterior. Getting rid of dirt and grime on your walkways and driveways can eliminate any buildup and keep you from slipping when the surface is wet. It can also prevent damage and deterioration of those surfaces over time.   These simple yet cost-effective ideas can really help give your home the fresh, new look you’re looking for. And if you need a little help, Window Genie can take care of some or all the projects on your ‘to do’ list. They can have your house looking it's absolute best in no time. Window Genie professionals have the experience and expertise to refresh your home exterior so you can start thinking about what you want to change inside your’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do. 

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Spring cleaning is one of those things that always seems like a good idea. However, when the time comes to actually do it, the to-do list piles up and it can start to feel overwhelming. The best way to attack this is to break down the whole process into manageable steps.   By creating smaller jobs that the whole family can get involved with, completing a home spring makeover quickly becomes easier. In this article, we have laid out some steps that can streamline the whole process and even make spring cleaning fun.  

Divide and Conquer 

If you’re going to efficiently give your home a spring makeover, the key is to get the whole family involved. Giving everyone their own job not only splits the work evenly but gives everyone a sense of ownership. This way, everyone can be held accountable for getting their portion of the work done.   Spreading the work out evenly also allows you to play to everyone’s strengths. If someone is good at a particular job that someone else can’t stand, splitting it up can make everyone happy.  

Provide Rewards 

People respond well to reward systems. This is especially true of children. By offering a reward for each job that gets finished, you can incentivize spring cleaning and give everyone a reason to work towards a spotless house in the summertime.   If you want to, you can even break the small jobs into even smaller tiers and offer rewards for their completion. For example, if someone has the job of sweeping the house, you can offer a reward like a piece of candy or an extra half hour of screen time for every room that is finished.  

Make it a Contest  

On top of a reward system, people also respond well to competition. If you have multiple children, having them compete against their siblings is a surefire way to get the best out of them. Creating a game element can not only get the job done, it can get it done faster.   Set up a time limit for smaller job portions and see who can get them done faster. You can also set up a family-wide competition where whoever finishes all of their tasks first gets a special reward. Keeping the family engaged and invested in the job is a great way to keep it fun for everyone.  

Outsource the Difficult Jobs 

There are some spring makeover jobs that are just too difficult to include on the list. Unfortunately, those are the jobs that usually get neglected. To address the most difficult jobs, hire a professional to get them done. Not only will you not have to do them, you can also be sure they’ll be done right and in a professional manner.   Related Topic: How Do I Clean Windows That Don’t Open?  For jobs like pressure washing and gutter cleaning, getting someone who does them for a living can be a lifesaver. Not only will they have the know-how to do them correctly, they will also have the right equipment to do a high-quality job.  

Don’t Forget Your Windows 

To add the final polish to your home’s spring makeover, be sure to get your windows clean and sparkling. If you want an extra decorative touch that will also make cleaning easier the next time the job needs to be done, decorative window film can be a great addition.   Completing a home spring makeover doesn’t have to be a chore that everyone dreads. By combining rewards, healthy competition, and professional help, you can make spring cleaning easy and fun for the whole family.   
Spring cleaning can be a daunting task. Everyone wants a clean house, but deciding where to start and actually getting things completed can sometimes be a challenge. If summer is on the way and you still haven’t gotten much done, you might be worried that the job will stay unfinished all year.   That’s why we have put together some useful, practical information that can help you break the cycle of worry and finally get your spring cleaning done. By taking things one step at a time, you can make the entire job feel less intimidating and more manageable. Our simple tips can get you started and you’ll soon see that there was nothing to worry about at all.

Start with a Checklist 

Writing out a checklist of the things you want to accomplish is a great way to get started. When you organize your thoughts on paper, they don’t seem as overwhelming. Looking at a list of specific tasks is a great way to fully visualize the work that needs to be done. There are several tools and resources online that can help you create and organize your list. Download and print this standard checklist and work your way through it as it applies to your home. As you check things off like window cleaning and dusting, you’ll start to feel a sense of accomplishment and begin to get into a ‘get it done’ groove.   We recommend starting with some of the simplest tasks—things you don’t mind doing. This will give you some momentum and take some of the burdens off right away. By reducing the number of tasks, you’ll soon see the number of tasks diminish and realize, your list isn’t as substantial as you thought it was.  

Combine Resources 

Working together is one of the best ways to reduce the number of tasks that each individual has to do. It can also speed up the process, so you don’t feel like you’re spending forever getting one thing done.   With three or more people, it is usually best to have everyone working separately. However, with just two, working together on one task can have a great effect and reduce your anxiety. 

One Room Per Day 

One of the best pieces of advice about spring cleaning is to not try to do the whole house at once. That is a surefire way to get burned out before you even really begin. Plus, it is unlikely that you’ll actually be able to accomplish this goal, which just makes the anxiety and stress worse.   Related Topic: How Do I Clean Windows That Don’t Open?  Instead, we recommend cleaning one room per day and trying to spread the work out evenly. This makes the whole process manageable and easy to finish up. Plus, you’ll get to see your progress as you go, which will keep you motivated and excited about finishing the whole house.  

Get Help with the Exterior 

When it comes to some of the more heavy-duty jobs like window and gutter cleaning, it can be hard to muster up the motivation to do them since they can be difficult and even dangerous. When the time comes to do these jobs, the best way to reduce anxiety is to hire a professional. For example, pressure washing requires special equipment and skills that you might not have.  By getting a professional to help you with the really difficult jobs, you can greatly reduce your anxiety about spring cleaning. Leaving yourself tasks that you know you can accomplish is a great way to stay on top of spring cleaning and get your home ready for summer.   Related Topic: Do Magnetic Window Cleaners Really Work? 
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