Bay windows are a desirable architectural feature. They include three windows that jut outward from the square dimensions of the room. The middle window runs parallel to the surrounding wall, while the two adjoining windows are angled outward. The installation typically extends 2 to 3 feet beyond the foundation. Bay windows can also be found on the second floor of a home. Continue reading "How to Decorate a Bay Window with Style"
Your driveway is grimy and covered in potentially dangerous and corrosive or acidic chemicals, dirt, sand, salt and more. The hazards of ignoring a dirty driveway and the benefits of routine pressure or power washing are numerous. Routine pressure washing doesn’t only benefit the current homeowner but can also impact the value of the home and increase the overall curb appeal of the property. Cleaning concrete periodically will extend its service life and enhance its beauty. It can be difficult to tell when concrete is in need of cleaning because the dirt and grime can build up so slowly. However, once the process is done, the results of freshly cleaned concrete are undeniable. Continue reading "Why Do I Need to Pressure Wash My Concrete?"
Can’t remember the last time you cleaned your windows? The grime, fingerprints, and water spots tell you the task is long overdue. Use the information here to help you create a schedule for how often you should be cleaning your windows, both inside and out. Why are Clean Windows Important? Windows perform several vital functions in your home, including allowing natural light to enter and providing a view of the exterior. Free sunlight helps to keep your electricity bills down, especially in the winter, and you may enjoy curling up with a good book on the window seat. Not only can you read by the natural light, but you can also keep an eye on the kids playing outside. All of these activities go by the wayside if your windows are overly dirty. Dusty debris can block the light, and smears may ruin the view. Get the most from your windows by keeping them clean! How Often Should You Clean Your Windows Inside and Out? The frequency of this chore depends on several factors, from environmental considerations to your personal preferences. Your schedule might range from once a month to once a year. Here are some scenarios and where they fall along that timeline. Once a Month If you’re a business owner, clean windows are all about looking good. In this context, you must clean away spots before they draw any attention to themselves if you hope to keep up appearances. That’s why businesses may choose to have their windows cleaned at least once a month. Every Three Months The most diligent homeowners schedule cleanings about four times a year. The settings that demand frequent exterior window cleaning include: · Forests, where debris from trees and bird droppings make a mess of your window panes · The seaside, where salt deposits can stick to the glass and corrode the frames · Cities, where dust and smoke can fog up the windows Different factors may increase the need for interior window cleaning. For instance: · You may have children who leave fingerprints and greasy smears on your front windows · You could have pets that make wet nose marks and muddy paw prints on your glass patio door · You might do a lot of cooking, which can splatter the kitchen windows · You may enjoy entertaining and want to make the best impression on your guests Every 6 to 12 Months In the average residential setting, cleaning your windows once or twice a year is usually sufficient. Sticking to this schedule allows optimal light to stream in and promotes a flawless view of the exterior. Hire a Professional Window Cleaning Service Clean windows are an important part of home maintenance, but no one likes to do it. After all, who wants to use up precious weekend hours lugging around a heavy bucket and balancing on a wobbly ladder to reach the windows on the second floor? The job is tiring and more difficult than it looks if you’re aiming for a streak-free shine. Plus, remembering to keep your windows clean is a hassle! That’s why so many homeowners schedule routine cleanings with Window Genie. Our Window Care Program allows you to customize your schedule and receive discounts based on frequency. With our help, you’ll save money and keep your windows looking great all year round. Thanks to our exclusive Streak-Free Guarantee, you can put your complete confidence in our abilities. To request window cleaning services in your area, please contact us today. Then, be ready for every season with window weatherproofing services from our fellow Neighborly Company, Mr. Handyman.
The squeegee is simply the best tool for washing windows: the ergonomic handle, the superior design that perfectly funnels water through the squeegee head and down the channel. It’s simply a classic window-cleaning tool. This is an ode to the squeegee and how skill and form combined with a quality squeegee can deliver results that are impossible to deny. Yes, a squeegee can take a novice window washer and make them look good, but in the hands of an expert (or a genie), the squeegee can deliver a homeowner clean window perfection. "Viva la squeegee!" Continue reading "All Hail The Squeegee!"
 In the home service industry, help is becoming dehumanized. Solutions are built on convenience —not care, and though homeowners are more connected than ever, finding good help is no easy task.  Neighborly is a platform that brings all the great  brands together in one place. Continue reading "How to Get Neighborly"
Windows often become a focal point for holiday décor – maybe you position your Christmas tree in front of it, hang garland, display candle lights, or even apply a fun decorative window decal for all your neighbors to see. Yes, the holiday season has passed, but there are still a bunch of fun ways to spruce up your windows if you’re still feeling festive. And because we’re Window Genie, we want to offer a great solution that’s not only beautiful, but functional! Introducing: decorative window film. Continue reading "Decorative Window Film That Lasts Beyond the Holidays"
How are those New Year’s resolutions holding up? Crushing it at the gym? Good for you! Saving money? Keep it up! Staying organized? …Well, we know that one can be tough. But getting a jump start before you let yourself go another year wishing you’d have been more organized will be key. So, we’ve talked about the dreaded CABIN FEVER we can suffer from during the wintertime. Staying busy by keeping tidy and working on projects around the home will curb your restlessness. So while you may be considering putting off outdoor chores such as window cleaning, gutter cleaning and pressure washing til it warms up a bit, there’s plenty you can do now to gear up for a more organized spring cleaning season!   Purge & Replace – Less IS More If you’re bored, here’s a whopper of a project for you. We promise, while it’s time consuming, it is worth it! From the tidy minds at Just a Girl and Her Blog, we learned the power of “starting over.” If you’re looking to re-arrange, re-decorate or just completely purge and organize a room… remove EVERYTHING from it, and only return the furniture and items you truly need. You’re then guaranteed to make contact with each and every part of the room, forcing you to analyze and consider its value before deciding it’s a keeper. During this process you’ll come up with a lot of great things to donate or simply toss out.   Tax Season – It’s Here! I know… BOOOOOORING. But tax season is almost here, so getting your taxes done NOW while you’re cooped up inside will be a relief come springtime. Once the sun is shining and you’re ready to “shake the house,” spring cleaning season will feel significantly less daunting if your taxes are a distant memory. If you have a trusted accountant to do the legwork for you, our first piece of advice is stick with ’em! But if you’re doing them yourself, we have a few simple tricks that will have you feeling more in control: Designate a room or area that is dedicated to all things TAXES. Having everything in one place will keep your documents and your mind tidy during this hectic time. If you’re dealing with a lot of receipts and/or invoices, it’s best to organize these first before starting a thing. Create a system that categorizes these items in a way you can easily understand – better yet, scan each of them in and save each to a folder with related items. Look at tax returns of years past. Unless you’ve had major life changes in the past year such as having a baby, buying a house or starting a business, referring to last year’s return will help you get your checklist started. At the end of the day, filing your taxes may seem like a chore – but you get paid at the end of it! Chins up, good luck, and happy filing!   Re-Purpose Household Items to Organize OTHER Household Items Rather than shelling out a ton of money at the Container Store, (which is a fabulous place, don’t get us wrong), you may find everything you need to get organized in your recycling bin, basement or right under your nose in the kitchen. There are plenty of “disposable” items you may want to keep around… Whether it’s an empty sauce jar, yogurt container or coffee can, many of the receptacles your food COMES in can be re-purposed time and again. Store your leftovers, your nuts & bolts or office supplies. Rip or scrub off the labels, paint or leave plain – with a little creativity these can be decorative AND functional.   And don’t just throw out your shoe boxes! A little wrapping or contact paper can transform these perfectly good storage bins that you won’t need to hide under the bed. Even your soda boxes can be decoratively re-purposed as a pantry saver!   A little “going green” goes a long way – and the less you consume, the less you spend. Plenty of great ideas can be found online from the man himself, Bob Vila and the folks at HGTV – so don’t just take our word for it! What are some of your indoor organization projects you’ll be tackling this winter? Share in our comments below!