Cleaning Checklist for Your Next Snow Day


You know those projects you always mean to do, but never quite get around to? Well, when inclement weather strikes and you find yourself home bound, it’s the perfect time to tackle some cleaning and organizing tasks.


Before we actually get to cleaning, a good rule of thumb is to start high and work your way down. Tackle the big, hard-to-reach surfaces: ceiling, ceiling trim, ceiling light fixtures walls, the rest of the trim, and baseboards. The best tool is a clean microfiber mop or duster with a telescoping handle. Above eye level, a spritz of water is all you need on the mop. But below eye level use warm water mixed with a drop of dish soap. In bathrooms, add a splash of white vinegar to stop mold. Where a mop is unwieldy, use a microfiber cloth.

1. Up high!
High spots are the most neglected in your home. The forgotten ledges, high windows, ceiling fans, light fixtures, & air vents are always the last to get love. While you’re up there, be sure to change out filters and replace light bulbs!

  • Dust or vacuum upper ledges & above cabinets
  • Clean air vents
  • Dust or clean ceiling fans
  • Dust or wash light fixtures
  • Clean high windows
  • Change light bulbs & replace air filters

2. In between!
This is the eye level zone, which includes mostly windows, walls, & tall bookshelves or other tall furniture. This zone also includes most of the traditional cleaning spots–bathrooms, furniture, beds–just hits them all a little more intensely than your average day-to-day clean. This is the area that requires a lot of your attention. Even though so much falls into the “in between”, it’s generally the stuff you clean day-to-day. That means it may seem like more work than it actually is.

  • Dust surfaces
  • Polish wood furniture
  • Clean leather furniture
  • Vacuum & spot clean upholstered furniture
  • Wash sheets & change bed linens
  • Clean & wipe down bathroom sinks & counters
  • Scrub showers & bathtubs
  • Clean toilets

3. Down low!
Break out your vacuum’s crevice tool to get the dirt in corners and along baseboards. If you have a hard floor, clean it with a microfiber mop and the prescribed cleaner. If you have carpet, now is a good time to rent a professional-grade cleaner. Deep cleaning your carpets is something you may not think about until you can visibly notice stains, but dirt builds up on them throughout the year and leaving them looking tatty and discolored. The easiest route is to hire a professional company to clean them or alternatively, you can probably rent a carpet cleaner from your local grocery store.

  • Sweep hard floors
  • Spot clean & mop tile or linoleum floors
  • Vacuum rugs & carpets
  • Wash small area rugs
  • Dust baseboards
  • Sweep front & back steps and/or porch


4. Netflix Queue
Hey, you are done the with cleaning! Go get some me time in!

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5 thoughts on “Cleaning Checklist for Your Next Snow Day”

  1. Hopefully, the groundhog was wrong about winter lasting longer but maybe its better that way so that I can start tackling stuff on this list. Winter is a fantastic time to do deep cleaning because no one wants to deep clean during the summer. We want to catch the rays on the boat. Thanks for posting this checklist.

  2. We have not gotten any “true” snow days yet this winter. To be honest, I’m a little disappointed because I do love a good snow storm! Getting snowed in is a good excuse to lounge and watch movies, but you’ve now made an excellent case for me to get busy cleaning if we do get snowed in!

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