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kid friendly chore list

While it’s great to have some extra help around the house, assigning chores to your kids means much more than that. From teaching them work ethic, to discipline and accountability, having a structured chore list in the home is common among most families. We certainly are not parenting experts, but we know you like to have a clean home! We’ve created a downloadable kid friendly chore checklist – we left it blank for you to customize to your family!

Whether it’s daily chores like making the bed, feeding the dog or setting the table… or weekly chores like helping to take the trash out, our customizable list is sure to help keep your family’s routine in order.

Now as for the best motivators to getting a list completed… Do your kids respond best to earning allowance, additional TV time, or other forms of positive reinforcement? Do you subtract points for tasks left incomplete? We’d love to hear from you… share your tips and tricks below!

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