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Deck Pressure Washing for the Best Barbecue Season

Summertime is here, and homeowners across America are rolling out their barbecues to enjoy the sunshine. After a chilly winter and rainy spring season, the thought of searing some fat steaks, sipping on a beverage, and burrowing through a bowl of potato salad under clear skies sounds too good to resist, but is your deck in shape to host the ultimate patio party?

Cleaning season is past, but many to-do lists are still weighed down by some of the less-enjoyable tasks. Cleaning off the deck is usually pushed as far down the to-do list as possible; it’s a tough and dirty job if approached without the proper tools, and it is easy to justify casting aside while you focus on other things. After all, decks require very little maintenance throughout the year, right?

Unfortunately, a neglected deck is more serious than it sounds. At one extreme, a deck that has been neglected over the years can be structurally unsafe, and certainly not fit for a barbecue party. Additionally, though less dramatic, decks that have not been treated to deck pressure washing services often have fraying or splintering wood as a result of constant weathering, high traffic, and barbecue roll-outs. This exposes your party guests to scrapes, cuts, and splinters… party foul! Though these minor injuries will not ruin any lives any time soon, any tissue damage taken from unkempt decks is at risk of infection. You want your barbecue to be remembered for the music, laughs, and menu, not the medical emergencies, right?

Safety issues aside, the most common reason that Americans seek out Window Genie’s deck pressure washing services is because they want to wow their guests with the appearance of their homes. A party can quickly shift from good to great if it has the proper atmosphere and ambiance, and a clean wood-grain finish is the perfect foundation for a fun time grilling!

Why choose Window Genie’s deck pressure washing services this summer?

Cleaning the deck without an industrial-strength pressure washer is an arduous task. You can expect to spend hours with your hands and knees pressed against the planks as you scrub and struggle to pull stuck-on grit from the wood grain. Careful – too hard and you risk stripping away your stain finish; too soft and you are just wasting time and energy!

If you think you can save money by renting a pressure washer, you may be in for a nasty surprise. If you are fortunate enough to find a high-powered pressure washer in good condition at a rental shop (and that’s a big “if”), you are still not out of the woods yet! When used improperly, pressure washers can carve into the target area during a deck or house pressure washing.

Don’t risk leaving scarring all over your deck just because you thought you could save some money. Window Genie’s deck pressure washing service guarantees stunning results and a deep clean that is never at risk of causing collateral damage. Window Genie’s deck and house pressure washing services let you:

  • Save time and money that you can use instead for stocking the fridge, tossing your signature salad, and buying the best quality meats for the grill.
  • Save money on future repair costs. A Window Genie deck pressure washing treatment includes an inspection of the condition of your deck, giving you a heads-up on any unsafe areas or potential repair requirements.
  • Wow, your guests with a beautiful deck. Transport the condition of your deck back in time with our deck pressure washing services. Blast away tough dirt, mildew, and debris with industrial-strength power washers wielded in the hands of highly-trained professionals! You also get to choose from a selection of colored sealants to enhance your existing wood grain.
  • Preserve the deck. Our wood cleaning process uses a medium-pressure wash to remove dead wood fibers, old sealers, and algae. We then apply a premium wood sealer to act as a safeguard against the sun and rain.

Find out more about our deck washing and sealing today!

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