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Decorative Window Film That Lasts Beyond the Holidays

Windows often become a focal point for holiday decor – maybe you position your Christmas tree in front of it, hang garland, display candle lights, or even apply a fun decorative window decal for all your neighbors to see. Yes, the holiday season has passed, but there are still a bunch of fun ways to spruce up your windows if you’re still feeling festive. And because we’re Window Genie, we want to offer a great solution that’s not only beautiful but functional! Introducing: decorative window film.

There are plenty of effective ways to winterize your windows and diminish the draft… but none of these solutions are quite as fun as decorative window film. Most think of residential window film as a means to lower utility bills, reduce glare, deflect heat, and protect their floors and furniture from fading… and they’d be right. But there’s more! Decorative window film is becoming an increasingly popular go-to for homes and small businesses looking to spruce up their property while improving privacy and efficiency.

Stained, private, or etched glass can be very expensive. Decorative window film is a very cost-effective way to add privacy and style to your windows while delivering on the above additional perks. You have a ton of options to fit your needs. Some of our favorites are:

synthetic glass film

SimGlas Series

Available in semi- to complete privacy, these simulated glass window film decorations are perfect for both the home & office. The SimGlas series was designed to retain the natural look of your glass with a variety of crystal-clear distortion patterns for distraction and privacy. Our most common application for this film is in conference rooms, restroom windows, and doors.

rice paper film

Rice Paper Designs

Known as “bathroom film,” rice paper decorative window tints come in a variety of colors and patterns. This is a transparent, embossed window film that allows light transmission while obscuring direct visibility. If you want privacy without losing light, this is a great option to explore.

window film decoration

Frosted Window Films

The cost savings between frosted window film and etched glass is astonishing. We carry an extensive selection of frosted films to suit your every need. With a variety of shades, designs, and thicknesses, we can provide you with both a customized design and a heightened level of safety and security.

Stained glass film

Patterned Films

Choose from dozens of designs, shades, and shapes of window films for your residential and commercial glass. From traditional to contemporary, we can find the right pattern to fit your needs. Our selection includes dotted, striped, layered, and customized designs for your home and office.

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