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Does Having a Clean Home Make You Happier?

Mother and child image, overlaid with text that reads Does Having a Clean Home Make You Happier?

We think yes! Okay, having a clean home isn’t the answer to life’s problems… but it can help you feel more in control, relaxed and free of constant responsibility. When you’re stressed or bummed out, the last thing you want to see is a sink full of dirty dishes or toys strewn about the family room. After a long, hard day, coming home to a clean and tidy home can really elevate your mood and help you get into relaxation mode. So what is it about a fresh, clean home that just makes you feel good? How do you keep up on housework to maintain that “tidy home, tidy mind” feeling?

A couple of tips we’ve gathered that might help:

  • Remember it’s perfectly OK to not be perfect. A messy home is a happy home. It’s nearly impossible to bake a batch of cookies or play a fun game without a little collateral damage. Gaining some perspective will help you to appreciate every aspect of your home, including the messes – this will help alleviate the anxiety you feel at the sight of a mess, and cleaning it up will just be the price you pay for having a happy home. Not so bad, right?
  • Also, remember that a little can go a long way. If you don’t have the time or energy to do a total house clean but can’t stand the feeling of a messy house… just take five minutes to make your bed, throw out old food from the fridge or put away those clean clothes that have been sitting folded in the basket for 2 days. Even tiny victories will boost your mood and give you a sense of accomplishment.
  • Prioritize your cleaning routine based on which rooms you spend most time in, make a plan and get your family involved! The guest room no one goes in does not need to be vacuumed as often as the living room – so to save time, skip it! Creating a cleaning calendar will hold each member of the family accountable for his or her tasks and can be fun and rewarding. Make it a game or a contest. Nothing like a little sibling rivalry between your kids to get that laundry folded and put away quickly. You could also try assigning dollar amounts or extra TV minutes to different chores… and suddenly your kids will figure out how the dishwasher works!
  • Don’t forget you can always hire professional help! If having a clean home is something you truly value, treat yourself to a professional maid service, or hire someone to clean the exterior of your home. When it comes to some of the more difficult tasks like cleaning out your gutters, washing the siding or even landscaping… not everyone has the ability or tools needed to do it safely – but do your homework to be sure you’re hiring a professional you can trust.
  • Light a candle! Remember, your home shouldn’t just LOOK clean… for example, a stinky kitchen will never truly feel clean. Aromatherapy is a great, easy way to alter your mood immediately – the right candle or essential oil can make a huge difference. Find a scent that reminds you of family or just simply pleases your senses. Anything from apple pie to clean cotton will immediately transform the space and relax you and your family.
  • To unwind… do you read? Do yoga? Drink wine? Consider transforming a space in your home to maximize relaxation time. Rearrange the guest room so you have space to do yoga! Create a reading nook in your home office, complete with soft lighting and a comfy chair. Invest in some great patio furniture or a fire pit – this gives you a great way to enjoy your wine while enjoying the outside of your home!

a family cleaning the house.

To feel truly happy and settled in your home, it’s important to take pride in your work – and to stand back and appreciate your space. For more ideas, check out our blog post on 10 new habits you can form to keep your home clean and tidy year-round. This will help immensely with the notion that “tiny victories” will add up and improve your mood. Make your bed, empty the dishwasher or delegate tasks! We must take care of ourselves mentally, and if having a clean home gives you a sense of peace – make it a priority. When you feel in control, cleaning will be a much more rewarding experience – not just a chore we hate. The less you stress about cleaning, the more you’ll begin to appreciate your home!

What are some of the ways you keep a tidy home and a tidy mind?

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