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Eliminate Zebra Stripes with a Flat Surface Cleaner

Concrete cleaning

Working smarter, not harder is the key to efficient work around the house. You wouldn’t paint the entire family room with a trim brush, or use a weed whacker to cut all your grass, right? So, when it comes to pressure washing large flat surfaces like your driveway, large patio, or a long sidewalk… using the right equipment can make this task much easier, quicker, and even fun! Introducing… the flat surface cleaner!

Pressure washing can be a soothing and therapeutic process, but cleaning a large area can end up being quite the opposite. Driveways, patios, parking lots, and long sidewalks can seem like an impossible task to clean with a pressure washer. If you’ve ever attempted this, you will know that cleaning a flat surface can be tricky. It sounds like an easy job, but often times there will be unsightly streaks. Companies are always innovating and trying to develop products that will make consumers’ lives easier.

The flat surface cleaner does just that. If you’ve never used one or seen one in action, it looks like something from the future. Flat surface cleaners are disc-shaped with an adjustable handle attached. The discs range in size, but the model we use is 18 inches wide. The advantage you get with such a wide cleaning area is obvious, but your ability to cover much more area than with your standard spray nozzle is priceless.

The pressurized water from your pressure washer goes from your pressure washer, through your hose, and into the swivel on the flat surface cleaner to rapidly spin a bar that has two high-pressure nozzles. The nozzles on the spinning arm produce a smooth, even cleaning path. It will be much clean than the streaky ugliness sometimes left by a wand. Using a flat surface cleaner is easy. It is like using a lawnmower or vacuum. If you are buying a flat surface cleaner for personal use you should understand that the electric-powered machines can be a hassle. You are not only dealing with hoses but also electrical wires.

Flat surface cleaners can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. Most homeowners aren’t going to invest in a pressure washer let alone a flat surface cleaner. But all Window Genie owners use this awesome tool! If you’ve been burnt by a professional service provider that left “zebra stripes” on your flat surface, chances are they used a wand and not a flat surface cleaner.

With equipment specifically designed to quickly and evenly clean all your flat surfaces, Window Genie’s concrete cleaning service can make dramatic improvements to the appearance of your flat surfaces. Window Genie pressure washers also offer a top-tier sealing service that can be done within the same day as your cleaning. This will add years to the lifespan of your driveway, sidewalk, or patio. Scratch these time-consuming tasks off of your list.

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