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Envision a Better Home with 3M Window Film

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3M is a household name. In fact, I can guarantee you have something either made by 3M or invented by them in your home. Almost anywhere you could possibly be, 3M is there. One of their mottos is “You’re never more than 10 feet away from 3M science”. Cars, planes, homes, clothing, you name it, and 3M is involved. That is why Window Genie worked hard to start a partnership with 3M. In spring 2015 we introduced the 3M Envision line of window film because we wanted to give our customers the highest quality products possible.

Why 3M? Well… they invented window film, so they know a thing or two about it. In 1966, 3M became the original patent holder for sun control window films. The norm until then was a metallic spray-on coating which increased the energy efficiency of installed glass. Spray-on coatings were difficult to install and prone to streaking, so 3M married the technology of metallic coatings to clear polyester to create the first sun control window films. 3M introduced clear security window films to help hold broken glass in place in response to terrorist bombings in Europe in 1969. The energy crisis of the 1970s helped push 3M towards more innovation. They introduced low emissivity (Low-E) window films to help keep building occupants comfortable year-round.

3M has continued its innovative ways by providing Window Genie with the Envision line of window film. The 3M Envision Residential Window Film line is a premier window treatment solution for homeowners. Envision window film can help protect homes from fading and glare, enhance comfort, and even help save energy. It can do all this without compromising window views or blocking out natural sunlight.

The 3M Envision Window Film line offers a variety of products for a homeowner’s individual needs. These films are specifically designed to address your concerns about fading, comfort, energy savings, glare, and privacy. They come in a variety of shades from dark to virtually clear, so you can find the exact balance of privacy and protection you want.

Here are the four different types of 3M Envision Window Film Window Genie currently offers:

Clear View

  • Excellent clarity and appearance
  • Good heat rejection
  • Non-metalized film eliminates signal interference and the potential for corrosion
  • Significantly reduces harmful UV rays (the largest cause of fading) helping extend the life of furnishings, upholstery, wood floors, and walls.

Glare Control

  • Excellent heat rejection helps save energy and improve comfort
  • Low interior reflectivity enhances view, especially at night
  • Significantly reduces harmful UV rays helping extend the life of furnishings, upholstery, wood floors, and walls
  • Best glare reduction in the portfolio

Sun Block

  • Excellent heat rejection technology helps save energy and improve comfort
  • Helps extend the life of furnishings by significantly reducing harmful UV rays
  • Helps reduce glare


  • Nano-carbon polyester allows for maximum heat rejection without a metal film layer
  • No potential for corrosion
  • Helps reduce glare
  • Rich appearance improves privacy

Window Genie offers free consultations to go over the various types of window film available in today’s market. Through this process we will narrow the selection based on your need, finding the perfect window film for your home.

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