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Evaluating the Value of Window Tint Costs

It is no secret that Window Genie tint windows are available at highly competitive rates, but there is more to the story than the numbers you see on the price tag. To truly appreciate the value of our window tint costs, one must evaluate the money-saving benefits that tint windows offer homeowners. Read on to learn 4 ways that Window Genie tint windows save you money!

Window Genie’s tinted windows save you big money on your energy bills.

Window Genie tint windows reduce solar energy by up to 80%. This has a number of exciting implications for homeowners. First, this means that hot and cold spots in the home are a thing of the past. This means you’ll be more comfortable, and that your HVAC system will not have to work against the elements to try and balance out the overall temperature of your home. Window tint gives you more control over the interior temperature of your home, which means your heater or A/C does not have to work nearly as hard to fight back the hot sun on a warm summer day. This will save you big money on utilities, while also reducing the wear and tear on your HVAC system so that you save money right away and in the long term on repair costs. When you consider the positive impact that sun-stopping tint has on your energy bills and HVAC system, our already-competitive window tint costs seem almost impossibly good – it pays for itself in no time!

Window Genie’s tinted windows prevent sun damage to your expensive interior décor.

American homeowners can spend considerable amounts of money on furniture, flooring, and curtains, only to have their perfect accent pieces ruined by harmful UV rays. This can call for expensive repairs, or even full replacements, as yellowing, sun-faded upholstery, and flooring become a serious eye-sore. Don’t let the sun ruin the expensive painting in the dining room!

Fortunately, Window Genie can wash away the risk of sun fading and UV ray damage. Window Genie tint windows stop up to 99.9% of UV exposure, meaning that your interior décor can look its best for life, while your outdoor view is enhanced with glare-reduction. Window Genie window tint costs are already competitive, but their value skyrockets once you appreciate just how much you will save over the years in furniture, flooring, and curtain replacements!

Window Genie’s window film is tough to scratch or mark, so you save money on window repairs!

Some first-time tint window buyers are wary about cleaning their film, thinking that the chemicals they use will have a corrosive or delaminating effect. Fortunately, this is not the case; all Window Genie tint window coatings are unaffected by alcohol or ammonia-based cleaners, so wipe freely. This is made possible by our glue-free adhesive system. Additionally, residential window film and tint are covered by a lifetime warranty, so that any cleaning accidents can be rectified at no cost to you!

The bottom line is that Window Genie’s window tint treatment is durable, so you can be worry-free about your vigorous cleaning efforts. Window Genie coatings are scratch-resistant, too, so that everyday wear-and-tear won’t be the problem it once was. Window Genie window tint costs really shine when you realize that you are not only buying a boost to security, sun protection, and privacy but are getting a scratch-resistant tint that will rarely if ever need repairs!

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