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Fall Bucket List

a man is cleaning gutter.

Fall is here and that means some people are excited, and some are depressed! Whether you love the transition to colder weather or you dread the holiday seasons, you can make this fall an enjoyable romp for the entire family by following our fall bucket list:


football team.

Most people have attended a football game. But nothing compares to coupling attendance to the game with a perfect tailgate experience. The first step is planning out a menu and getting together the necessary supplies. Make sure the food is fun, but not too difficult to cook. You don’t want to spend all your time cooking. It’s also a good idea to assign friends with items to bring that way nothing gets overlooked and all the pressure isn’t on you. Arrive at the game as early as possible to get a parking spot that allows for an easy exit. Most tailgaters try to get as close to the stadium as possible, but they forget about the mass exodus after the game.

Apple Orchard

child with apples.

The apple might be the most iconic fruit. It’s steeped in cultures around the world and America is no different. (I mean how many sayings can you think of right now that have to do with the apple?) The great thing about the apple is how versatile it is. They work great in desserts or as a side dish.They are delicious to drink as a juice or as a cider. But part of the appeal of the apple is how fun they can be to pick. Most orchards open their fields every fall and allow customers to find their own perfect apples. What’s great about visiting an orchard is there is more to do than just picking apples. The orchards will have games, tractor rides, food, and my favorite… free cider.



Part of what brings about fall’s seasonal depression is the difficulty of getting together with large groups of friends and family. It’s hard to entice people over for an outdoor party when it’s cold and gets dark by 6 o’clock. Bonfires are the perfect solution to party problems. A nice large bonfire will provide heat and fun for the entire family. Roasting s’mores and hot dogs over an open fire while you’re sipping on some hot apple cider is a delicious blast.

Chili Cook-off

chilli cook off.

This event can be enjoyed in a few ways. Hosting your own chili cook-off is a great way to entice friends and family over for some tasty fun. But if you aren’t interested in the hassle of hosting there are tons of local chili events every fall. Most churches, clubs, and other groups throw their own cook-offs. This is an excellent way to spend a day eating and fellowshipping with friends and family. I challenge you to take it a step further! Enter your own recipe in the contest.



Even though this is listed last, volunteering is the most fulfilling. Spending time giving back to your community is the best way to get out of your house and fight the fall blues. Volunteering is proven to not only lift the spirits of those you are helping but also bring health to the volunteer. This is also a great opportunity to introduce children to the importance of charity. The holidays are right around the corner, so food banks are in desperate need of food and volunteers.

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