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Having Fun at the Kid's Table

A happy little girl sitting at dining table.

Sandwiched in between Halloween and Christmas is the totally boring holiday called Thanksgiving. I know I don’t agree with that statement either. I love Thanksgiving. In fact, it’s my favorite holiday. But if you are a child Thanksgiving can be very boring. There are any presents, and they don’t get to dress up. That’s not the case anymore. Here are few ideas to make Thanksgiving a blast!

Place Cards and Runners

A really fun idea for the kid’s table is using a runner or table cover that can be written on. This is a huge hit at my family’s get-togethers. For some reason, children love writing on things that they don’t think they should. Put together a toolkit full of crayons, paper, kid-friendly scissors, and glue. Give them directions or just give them free reign to create their very own place cards. It’s always fun to save the runner and show the children the following what the drew.

Kids drawing picture.


A holiday like Thanksgiving can make kids feel left out. While parents are drinking cocktails and watching football, they can feel left out. A great way to get children to feel like they are adults is to create a mocktail station. One of my favorites is Sunshine Punch.

  • Lemonade
  • Orange Juice
  • Hawaiian Punch or another fruit punch
  • Sprite
  • Maraschino Cherry

You could easily mix these all together and throw it in a bowl, but part of the fun for the children is letting them do the mixing!
Sweet Refreshing Cherry Cockta.

Kid-Friendly Sides

This is my favorite one because I love food. You can get extremely creative and do things like create sweet potato turkeys, zucchini pirate boats, or green mashed potatoes. These are visually fun and can get kids to eat some delicious healthy foods. You could also go the tasty not-so-healthy route. Something like colored mac and cheese or cartoon character tater tots. We could also throw in some fun desserts because every child loves sugar.

Fun with food for kids.

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