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You Get What You Pay For With Home Service Professionals

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“You get what you pay for,” is a phrase oftentimes used by someone who’s been been burned by the cheaper option. When that thing you buy breaks, or the person you hired does a bad job… you begin to question your decision-making process. Cheaper is almost never better - whether it’s goods or services, we tend to be at a constant battle for finding a quality but affordable choice. Can we have it all?

When it comes to home services, sticker shock is often an issue for some first-time patrons. It’s important to know exactly why your service provider charges what they do and compare the perks of service with cheaper competitors before making a decision. “You get what you pay for” could not be more relevant.

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At Window Genie, we pride ourselves on delivering a complete customer experience… not just clean windows. In order to deliver above and beyond the cheaper competitors, we sometimes charge a bit more. Why?

  • Our technicians are fully trained, insured, bonded and have passed background check. Before we send them to your home, we’ve spent a good deal of money to ensure they’re as professional, skilled and trustworthy as possible. We urge customers to consider things such as insurance and worker’s comp when choosing a home service provider. The last thing you want to be hit with is a lawsuit if your landscaper, maid or painter is hurt at your home. Window Genie’s due diligence costs money, but offers peace of mind by protecting customers from liability.
  • Window Genie uses top of the line equipment and products! Consider the quality of equipment being used on your home when choosing a professional. A cheaper competitor of ours may show up in unmarked vehicles with old, broken or low-quality equipment, tools and chemicals. It’s important to consider the service you’re having done at your home, and the damage that can be done with improper tools or equipment. Scratched glass, dented siding or carved up wood decks are all a possibility when you hire a company that cuts corners to save money. Also, Window Genie’s exclusive partnership with 3M means we offer a high end quality film you can’t get anywhere else.
  • All field technicians are OUR employees – no subcontractors. We’ve spent time to build an allegiance by our employees to the Window Genie brand, and we offer pay and incentives that reward a job well done! Oftentimes, unsupervised workers such as maids, window cleaners, landscapers or painters are given freedom an autonomy on the job – and that’s a great perk! But when the boss isn’t watching, quality can quickly go out the window. You can’t expect an underpaid, underappreciated employee to try their best and provide a high quality cleaning if they feel rushed or unmotivated. We pride ourselves on our technicians’ ability to maintain great relationships with customers, and they’re rewarded for their hard work. A cheap competitor may be simply rewarding their team for speed, offering bonuses for the number of cleanings they can get done in a day - which hardly ever equates to a job well done. You’re trusting a professional with your most precious investment, your home. You’re going to want the happy and loyal employee - someone who sticks around until the job is done right!

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