Gutter Cleaning and Repair

The benefits of clean gutters speak for themselves. When water can flow smoothly and freely away from the house, it reduces the risk of water damage to the home, roof and yard. Let’s look at the importance of gutter cleaning and repair.

What Can Happen:

We all know gutters can get clogged from leaves and debris. Cracks and rust can form, and troughs can even break away from the house. All these troubles can force you to replace some or all of the gutters. No one wants small animals or insects to make homes in the grime and debris that has accumulated in the gutters. Water from overflowing gutters can ruin the foundation and yard.

When to Clean:

There are a few recommended cleaning routines: yearly, twice a year or quarterly. It really depends on the foliage surrounding your home and weather in the region. If you have a number of trees surrounding your home, clean more often. Pine trees shed their needles often, so you many need to clean more if you have that kind of tree. Oak trees also tend to make a twice-a-year cleaning necessary.

The autumn and spring seem to be the best times for gutter cleaning and repair. Spring is a good time to see if there is any damage from the winter. Small twigs and seedlings fall from trees.Autumn is the time to remove debris that fell over the summer. The end of autumn and early winter is the most important time of year. That’s when you need to make sure all is clear from falling leaves so there are no icy clogs during the cold months.

When Repairs are Needed:

If you notice gutters pulling away from the house, or if your seams are leaking after a rain, you should look into getting the problem looked at. Any kind of rust should really be dealt with too, just like when you have rust on your car. Window Genie can easily re-secure a loose gutter to be sure it does not come down, bringing siding, roofing and landscaping with it.

Call A Professional When:

There are days when you just don’t have the energy or the time to spend on a ladder, cleaning gutters. If you have a very high roof or your house is over a story tall, be safe and call an expert on gutter cleaning and repair. Again, when dealing with gutters, if you don’t have the skill or knowledge, it’s better to have an expert on your side. After all, you want the job done safely, and correctly. Also, it is very labor intensive and can take all day! Plus, it’s more affordable than you think. Window Genie offers free estimates, so pick up the phone today and call 877-A-GENIE-2U


When using a professional gutter cleaning service, always ask about warranties and what services are included. A quick consultation with the professional installing the gutters will let you know what quality of materials they use. You want to use good quality material for the gutters, because when you do, you can make their lifespan reach up to 20 or 40 years. The seamless gutters are highly recommended. Most gutters have hangers now, instead of spikes. Also, screws can cause rust, so make sure rivets are used.

The money you spend on a professional gutter cleaning company is less than what you will pay in repair if you let things slide. Gutters are truly a silent killer. By the time you notice issues, it’s going to be too late. Be proactive by cleaning your gutters and keeping up with repairs when needed and you’ll avoid all the troubles of clogged gutters and enjoy the best the seasons have to offer.

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