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Gutter Cleaning- Things You Should Consider

Gutter cleaning is one of the least desirable chores that can be done in the family rotation. There is a reason we have a bad association with gutter-balls in bowling, and avoid feeling "down in the gutters;" gutters are inherently dirty, filled with decaying leaves and pest debris, and are a nightmare to clean. A day spent cleaning the gutters is sure to be filled with labor-intensive ladder shuffling, a near-slip or two, and enough grime to keep you wrist-deep in filth for hours. As unpleasant as the job may be, somebody's got to do it – after all, neglecting your gutters puts your home at risk of basement flooding, cracked foundations, increased insect breeding, and rotten wooden decks or siding.

Many homeowners have recognized the value of professional gutter cleaning. A small investment in Window Genie gutter cleaning means a fast clean that is guaranteed to keep their home in good condition without costing them a day of back-breaking labor and frustration. With professional gutter cleaning surging in demand, many new businesses have sprung up looking to take advantage of this trend. Homeowners should proceed with caution, and take steps to ensure that they are getting the best possible service. Before committing your capital to a professional gutter cleaning service, the following factors should be considered:

Is this company licensed and insured?

Whether or not your chosen company has acquired the proper license and insurance to handle gutter cleaning work is one of the most important factors to consider when looking to hire help. Holding these forms of documentation ensures that your chosen company has been trained and certified in the service you are paying them for and that they can perform at a high industry standard. Some states even require home improvement licensing along with general liability insurance and business licensing. Without these documents in place, illegitimate companies can put you at risk in the event of any injuries that may occur while cleaning your gutters. The last thing you want when trying to save yourself the trouble of a gutter cleaning is to take on bigger problems when your unlicensed cleaner hurts himself and tries to sue you to cover their medical bills.

Window Genie has been providing quality gutter cleaning for over 20 years. Window Genie gutter cleaning crews carry all of the required licenses and documentation at all times. This gives customers peace of mind so that they can be stress-free in knowing that their guaranteed clean is also guaranteed to be problem-free. Window Genie crews will gladly display any information about licensing and liability insurance coverage to customers who request to see this documentation.

Does this company have the training, experience, and equipment they need to do the job right?

Gutter cleaning may not require a large assortment of equipment, but it does require the proper equipment. Make sure the company you choose has two-story stand-off ladders, industry-appropriate cleaning materials, and safety equipment that is up to code at the bare minimum. This will ensure proper cleaning and that no liability issues will arise during your cleaning appointment. Take note of any company that offers pressure-washing or leaf-blower gutter cleanings and avoid these where possible. Window Genie offers pressure washing services, but restricts their use to tough stains set into fences, decks, and home siding; this equipment is not appropriate for gutter cleaning and can damage your home.

Window Genie experts arrive at the scene with their Genie Mobiles fully equipped with the appropriate equipment. More importantly, they come equipped with decades of knowledge and experience. Gutters are unique, having been designed to custom-fit your home, and it takes a skilled worker to navigate these ever-changing conditions. Inexperienced companies may struggle with corners, long slopes, and unique architectural downspouts. Window Genie experts guarantee a safe, fast, and efficient clean that will keep the environment safe and your gutters flowing freely.

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