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Holiday Lighting

Holiday Lighting – How to Create a Memorable Display

Holiday house lighting.

When it comes to holiday home light displays, there are plenty of decisions to make and products to choose from. For example, LED holiday lights, traditional incandescent bulbs, and even animated light displays in all colors and sizes are available everywhere you turn. But when it comes to creating a holiday light display that will wow the neighborhood, it’s important to take the time to plan out your design. Otherwise, your home may end up looking like a hodgepodge of holiday decor instead of the breathtaking light show you want.

To create a memorable display of holiday lighting, read on to learn some of the top design tips from the holiday lighting pros.

Reduce the Number of Colors

One common mistake that many homeowners make is using too many different colors in their holiday light displays. That bright riot of color may have been all the rage decades ago, but multicolored lights are a tired way to decorate today’s more modern homes.

Instead, experts recommend sticking to one or two complementary colors. This will create a more modern and visually appealing look.

Reduce Flashing

Another mistake that can make your holiday lights look outdated is using too many twinkling or flashing lights. These types of lights may have been popular in the past, but they can be distracting and even a bit dizzying for onlookers.

Instead, opt for more solid or steady lighting options to create a more sophisticated display. If you want a bit of twinkle, limit it to just one area or section of the display.

Match Colors to Your Home’s Exterior

Another pro-designer tip is that your holiday lights should complement, not clash with, the exterior of your home. Before you decide on colors, take a look at your roof and siding to see what shades will work best with those hues. If your house is primarily neutral tones, consider using blue or white lights for a frosty winter feel. For a red brick house, warm colors like red or golden lights will complement the exterior.

Different Colors for Home and Landscape

Make sure to also consider the color of any landscaping or shrubs in your display design. The pros suggest using different colors for your home’s exterior lights and any lighting in the landscaping. This helps create visual interest and allows each aspect of the display to stand out on its own.

For example, you could use white lights on your house and then opt for blue LED holiday lights in your shrubs or trees for a beautiful wintery look.

Light Pathways

Don’t forget about lighting up pathways and walkways leading to your front door. This not only adds a charming touch but also increases safety for guests and visitors during the holiday season. LED holiday pathway lights are a great option as they are long-lasting and energy-efficient. Plus, they come in a variety of colors to coordinate with your overall holiday light display. Pro tip: Match your pathway lights to the lights on your house to create a visually stunning entrance.

Interior – Exterior Light Coordination

Your holiday lights shouldn’t just be limited to the outside of your home. Coordinating some interior holiday lighting can add an extra touch of festivity for any holiday gatherings or parties. For example, consider matching the color of your interior tree lights to the color of your exterior landscaping lights.

LED string lights are a simple option for adding some holiday cheer both indoors and outdoors, and they come in a variety of colors and styles to fit any decor. Plus, LED lights use less energy and have a longer lifespan than traditional holiday lighting options.

Get Professional Assistance

Now that you know how to create a truly memorable holiday lighting display, it’s time to start designing! Of course, even simple holiday light designs can get a bit overwhelming. There’s just so much to coordinate and so many decisions to make!

For anyone looking to take your holiday light display to the next level, consider hiring a professional holiday light installation company. The expert holiday lighting installers at Your Holiday Lights can help you with everything from custom design and installation to maintenance and takedown after the holidays are over. With help from the pros, it’s easy to take the stress and hassle out of creating a stunning holiday light display!

Contact us today to learn more and to start designing the best holiday light display your home has ever had!

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