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Holiday Window Decorations – Have a Master Plan and a Budget

Little girl in a Santa hat rejoices as she sticks a Christmas snowflake sticker on her window at home.

There is plenty of information online if you are looking for holiday decoration ideas for your windows. However, there is not much out there to explain how to pull it off without pulling your hair out in the process. Decorating your windows for the holidays can be a fun activity, but without a master plan and budget, things can quickly turn into a project you regret taking on. In this article, we will review how a little planning can go a long way in helping you create a cheery holiday window display everyone can enjoy.

Start with a Holiday Window Decorating Plan

  • Holiday Decorating Idea for Windows: Start with a Theme

Creating individual scenes for each window is fine, but planning a design that uses several windows to connect a central theme will have a bigger impact. And remember, your windows are just one part of your holiday canvas. You can use the entire house to tie it into your window display. For example, you could create a winter wonderland scene on your windows and use lighted snowmen in the front yard to extend the scene even further. Or place Santa and his reindeer on your roof and decorate your windows with Santa’s helper, the elves. To top off your masterpiece, your holiday lights should use colors from your overall theme to bring your masterpiece together.

  • Determine Your Decorating Budget

Everybody loves cheerful, elaborate holiday displays, but when you add up all the costs, some displays can get expensive. However, there are a few ways to create impressive holiday displays without breaking your holiday budget—it just takes a little extra planning. Here are some suggestions on how to break up your holiday decorating budget:

  • Window display
  • Lawn decorations
  • Outdoor lights
  • Indoor lights
  • Roof decorations
  • Accessories and supplies
  • Energy costs to power your displays
  • Divvy Up the Duties

If you have an elaborate display planned that includes holiday window decorations, it’s better to make it a team effort. Have your family and friends help. Decide who’s responsible for what upfront. Focus on each person’s strengths. If there’s an artist in the family, have them focus on window painting. If you have a tech guru, put them in charge of the lights prep, and so on.

  • Remember Maintenance

The best holiday displays require a little upkeep and maintenance. If you have many strands of holiday lights hung on your gutters or roof, you’ll need to keep those areas clear of snow, ice, and debris. You’ll also need to change any dimming or burnt-out bulbs. If you have a window display involving plants or fruit, you may have to change them out periodically to keep the décor looking fresh. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to babysit your display constantly. Just keep an eye on it and check it every few days. You’re putting a lot of time and effort into creating this holiday display, so you want it to last all season looking just as spectacular as it did when you finished.

  • Incorporate Outdoor Lighting into Your Holiday Window Decorations

Outdoor lighting can really accentuate creative holiday window decorations. There are so many options available: round bulbs, teardrop bulbs, twinkle, dangle, snowflake—the choices are almost endless! You could even have your lights timed to sync up with holiday music. This could get a bit complicated, so you may want to enlist some help from professionals.

Hire a Professional to Help

Decorating the exterior of your house and windows can really help create a festive holiday mood that family, friends, and neighbors will enjoy. However, putting up, taking down, and storing all those decorations does take time. And with all the other things you have to do to prepare for the holidays, you may not have the time to get it all done. Fortunately, some companies can take care of all your holiday decorations and lighting for you. The trained professionals at Your Holiday Lights are experts when it comes to bringing your dream holiday display to life. We can set up, take down, and store all your holiday decorations. This means you can put your holiday spirit on full display, and have time to enjoy them too! Call us today or visit us online to schedule an appointment.

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