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Pressure Washing

House Pressure Washing Services by Professionals

Many people fail to realize just how dirty their home's exterior is until it has been treated to a pressure wash by Window Genie professionals. Many people do not even know that a pressure washer can be used to clean their home.

Homeowners who have seen or felt a pressure washer in action know that this powerful piece of equipment is capable of stripping wood from a deck, and consequently may not feel it is appropriate to point at their walls. This is an understandable reaction considering that the home is typically a family's greatest investment, and mold concerns have heightened in recent years. Inexperienced handlers can indeed damage their home using a pressure washer, but highly-trained Window Genie service technicians are capable of giving your vinyl, stucco, or painted wood siding a deep clean without collateral damage.

How does the home accumulate dirt?

When exposed to the elements for extended periods, dirt naturally accumulates on your home's siding. Blowing winds kick up gusts of dirt and debris that will envelop your house. Similarly, harsh rainfall will wash your home in dirt, salts, and other pollutants throughout the fall. Dirty slush, berries, saps, and the waste of bugs and animals will also gradually build up over time, leaving deceptive stain age that seriously impacts your home's curb appeal and longevity.

Why choose Window Genie?

Window Genie has been helping homeowners keep their siding looking its best for over two decades. During this time, Window Genie franchises have been recognized by Entrepreneur magazine, Money Magazine, USA Today, and Franchise Business Review, consistently ranking highly in their customer service, business growth, and franchisee satisfaction categories over the years. This growth has been possible due to Window Genie's industry-leading training and consistently positive customer experiences. For house pressure washing, this means that Window Genie experts get the job done fast, safely, affordably, and without damaging either the home or the environment. Window Genie has fine-tuned the house pressure washing process over its 20-year tenure by using the appropriate pressure for each surface and home-safe cleaning products that will not damage your home or surrounding landscaping.

Why struggle with research, equipment rentals, self-teaching, trial and error, hard work, and risk, when you can schedule an annual or bi-annual cleaning with Window Genie? Being proactive and signing up for multiple services a year means that you will be given discounts when ordering several related home maintenance services, including gutter, asphalt, window, and concrete cleaning.

How to prepare your home for the best possible house pressure washing.

Window Genie professionals will remind you of the proper steps needed to eliminate the risk of damaging the home before they begin their cleaning, but it is useful to review them here so that you can take the initiative to prepare your home for the best possible results.

  • Locate all of the power outlets at the exterior of your home and take note of them for safety reasons.
  • Close all of your windows and fill in any small ventilation holes with rolled-up paper or a piece of putty that can be easily removed afterward. This will stop any water from entering the home during your cleaning.
  • Remove your shutters if possible. This will allow your Window Genie to have the best chance of clearing out spiders and wasps which commonly cluster in these hard-to-reach areas.
  • Take note of all lighting fixtures and mailboxes so that the Window Genie worker can switch to low-pressure options, or avoid these vulnerable fixtures entirely when pressure washing the house.

Window Genie pressure washing technicians have been helping homeowners boost their curb appeal for 20 years and are standing by to provide America‘s homeowners with a high-quality clean.

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