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How do they do it? Cleaning Windows on a Ship

Window port of navy ship|Fishing boat.

A clean ship is a well-run ship. Passengers on ships are naturally drawn to the windows, especially cruise ships where guests are guided along scenic points. As well, passengers will be uneasy about what is on the ship if it is dirty, and this includes the ship’s windows. Ships need to clean all their windows to keep the salt from causing damage and maintain impressions, health, and ease of viewing.

Cruise Ships and Other Large Ships

Large ships require some expert window cleaning at least once a year. A port window can open to the inside and its hinges move to the inside of the ship. The window panes are held fast. Cleaning cabin windows makes you use a scaffold or a sort of suspended hanging setup called a “bosun’s chair” ( also called a boatswain’s chair, which is a suspension device used to do work at heights) with a fall arrestor. It’s as much work as it sounds. This might be where the saying, “I don’t do windows” comes from.

The ship’s windows can be cleaned while out at sea or in port, but when hosting is required, there are designated areas for the wastewater to run. This is to make sure any debris goes into a specific zone.

Some cruise ships clean their windows every day to remove salt water. The help used for this cleaning is a combination of robots and human staff. Robots take care of the places that are hard to reach. Metal baskets can be used for the crew when no balconies are available on the upper decks. For cruise ships, washing can only be done in certain ports because of environmental regulations. Because of this, cleaning often takes place at sea or while sailing.

Recreational Boats

Fishing Boat

Most smaller or recreational boats have windows made from clear vinyl, which is sensitive to UV rays. You need to clean and maintain the windows with some expert window cleaning. If left uncleaned or treated, clear vinyl windows will turn yellow and become brittle.

To clean the vinyl windows on your boat, start by removing as much surface dirt as possible with a hose. Gently wash with a mild soap, and avoid any harsh cleaners. Rinse with fresh water and dry with a clean microfiber towel.

There are protective sprays you can get, though it is recommended to consult a professional window cleaning service to pick the right product. The protective products are a much-needed step in cleaning clear vinyl windows. To avoid sun damage, apply the protectant or polish often. Do not use regular window cleaners or alcohol-based detergents. They will dry out the vinyl. Paper towels are too abrasive and will scratch the windows.

Enjoy your time on the water by doing some expert window cleaning on your boat. By keeping your windows clean and cared for, your view will be clear and you won’t miss a view on the water for years to come. If you don’t have the experience, simply call a window cleaning service to have the job done.

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