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How Does Window Genie's Glass Cleaner WG-57 Stack Up?

Window Genie’s “window cleaning authority” status is something we’ve been working to establish for 20 years; our goal is to always deliver exceptional quality work and customer service. Our franchise training program is top-notch, equipping all of our workers with outstanding squeegee and customer service skills. We’re insured, bonded, and uniformed, and run background checks on all employees to ensure customer safety and peace of mind. The steps we take to create an exceptional customer experience are what rank us above many window cleaning start-up businesses that will offer you a sub-par clean for a TOO low price. Our 3-step cleaning process adds an extra glass-scrubbing step to help dislodge built-up sap, mold spores, or bird droppings that won’t falter in the face of conventional cleaning methods.

Perhaps equally important as the quality of our training is the quality of our materials. Window Genie window cleaning franchises roll up with GenieMobiles that are packed full of fresh, high-quality squeegees, the finest micro-fiber cloths, and all of the proper ladders, harnesses, gloves, and other safety equipment needed to keep our workers and your home as safe as your windows are cleaned.

This discussion of franchise-distinguishing window cleaning materials would be incomplete without mention of our secret weapon… Window Genie’s WG-57! This glass cleaner gives our franchisees a serious edge. This strong, versatile, safe, and easy-to-use product is truly the cleaner you have always wished for. But how does it stack up against conventional glass cleaners? Read on to find out!

The downsides of conventional household glass cleaners

Many glass cleaners on the market rely on the grease-cutting muscle of ammonia. While this approach guarantees a potent cleaning solution, it seriously limits your cleaning potential and poses some serious health and environmental risks. Ammonia cleaners are typically not ideal for cars, furniture, or heavy indoor use.

  • Ammonia releases dangerous fumes that the user cannot inhale. This is especially true when used in enclosed areas, such as when you are cleaning out your vehicle. This can be dangerous and unsuitable for families with children and pets.
  • Ammonia dries out and damages plastic, rubber, vinyl, and leather surfaces, meaning it has extremely limited applications.
  • Ammonia cannot be used on tinted windows.

With so many conventional household cleaners posing such significant health, environmental, and surface damage risks, many people opt for plain water or a mild detergent-based solution to clean their homes. These methods have limited success. Water is not strong enough of a solvent to cut through stubborn protein-based messes like bug guts and home mixes usually leave soap residue around that can feed mold growth. Vinegar solutions are runny, smelly, and difficult to handle properly. Fortunately, there is a better solution.

WG-57 – Granting your cleaning wishes!

WG-57 is strong, versatile, safe, and easy to use. This patented Window Genie cleaner is used by all of our workers and is also sold commercially. It has 57 uses and counting, and provides a perfect clean for mirrors, eyeglasses, windows, car wheels, countertops, chalkboards, sports gear, and everything in between!

Strong and long-lasting

WG-57 is stronger than harmful ammonia-based cleaners, eliminating the need for these harsh options. WG-57 is gentle enough to use on virtually any surface… but cuts through all your household surface dirt, dust, and grease! Better yet, WG-57 reduces dust build-up to give you some extra time between cleanings.

Safe for you and your environment

WG-57 contains absolutely no ammonia and is safe for polycarbonates and plexiglass. Its mild, fresh scent shatters preconceptions about the chemical stink such a strong product would have, and its light smell mirrors its negligible impact on the environment.

Easy to use

WG-57 makes you feel like a Window Genie yourself. It is so easy to use. WG-57 does not drip or run like vinegar or household cleaners and holds to the surface with its clinging foam composition. WG-57 always leaves you with a streak-free finish.

Wielding such an incredible window cleaning product, it is easy to see how Window Genie franchises distinguish themselves from their competitors. Want to get your hands on this amazing cleaner? It’s free for every job we perform. Contact your local Genie for more information.

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