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How much does Window Tint Cost?

The popularity of window film in both residential and business properties across America has sky-rocketed in recent years. Home and business owners alike are taking notice of the style, safety and energy-efficiency benefits offered by window film installations and Window Genie franchises across the country are being swarmed by customers requesting quotes. If you are considering a window film for your home or business, but aren't sure how to factor it into your current budget, then read on to learn about the cost of home window tints. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Seeking a quote.

The first step you should take when looking to incorporate a window tint installation into your budget is to request a free quote from Window Genie. There is no universal installation price, because there is no universal home layout, and your price will vary depending on the size, accessibility, and number of windows in your home or business. Furthermore, pricing may vary depending on the kind of tint you desire, with decorative films being priced differently than conventional tinting. Thus, the best thing a home or business owner can do is to request a free quote. This is done very easily online. Simply follow this link, and input your relevant home information, making sure to specify the services you would like to schedule. Options for window cleaning, tinting, pressure washing, and gutter cleaning are displayed, and you can select one or all of these with the click of your mouse.

Evaluate the situation – can I do this myself?

Many proud DIYers have been guilty of underestimating the skill and expertise involved in a window film installation. The reality of the job is a tricky one. For one, the quality of store-bought window film that is available to the general public will never meet the quality of film available through professional installers. Most homeowners are ignorant of the variety of types of window film, what benefits they provide, and what their particular home needs. Also, you will need to give yourself the best possible working conditions, cleaning and scraping your windows down to provide a perfect surface. You will also need to account for weather conditions, as extreme temperatures can interfere with the installation process. Once prepped, you will need to wet your windows with a special solution that requires a balanced ratio of chemicals. Before you can tackle any of this tiresome preparation, though, you will need to research, track down, measure, and order your window film, making sure to request the proper fit. Once you have assembled your materials and prepped your window, the real problems start. Window film is notoriously difficult to handle, with creases and folds forming easily, leaving home and business owners frustrated, dissatisfied, and with little less money in their pockets at the end of their long day.

The reality is that the costs home and business owners hope to save by doing the job themselves are often not worth the effort. Window Genie provides a guaranteed high-quality window film installation and takes the hassle out of your life by circumventing the research and ordering process entirely. By contrast, many DIYers will find themselves having to buy extra materials after making first-timer mistakes or being unable to buy in small quantities. The self-service job will probably be of poorer quality, which means it will last a much shorter amount of time, and provide less energy-saving efficiency for your home as heat and cold invade the creases and folds you left behind. Ultimately, installing film on your own is not worth it because professionally installed, high-quality window film DOES pay for itself over time by reducing utility bills.

Profit from a professional window film installation.

Investing in a Window Genie film installation means a job well done, and that home and business owners can fully enjoy the benefits of their tint. The costs you may need to invest upfront with your Window Genie installation will quickly pay themselves back and even earn you money over the long run. Consider that Window Genie installations offer the homeowner an 80% reduction in solar energy, much lower utility bills, an end to hot and cold spots in the home, and up to 99.9% UV protection for expensive furniture and precious family members alike. The value of a job well done is obvious to see. Contact Window Genie today to learn how much your window tint will cost, and have all of your window film wishes granted today!

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