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How Often Should I Book a Window Cleaning Service?

For most people, cleaning the windows can be a real hassle. Who wants to eat up their prized weekend hours lugging heavy buckets around and balancing on that wobbly wooden ladder you found leaning in your garage? The job is hard, and the work is unforgiving for amateurs; squeegeeing is a skill that is criminally underappreciated, and if it’s your first time trying, your long work day will only leave you with streaks to show for it.

That’s why so many Americans choose Window Genie’s window cleaning services to grant them all of their clean window wishes. Your windows will be clean; Window Genie uses a 3-step cleaning process that adds a scraping process that most competitors overlook or upsell. It won’t take up any of your time; Window Genie technicians arrive promptly and get the job done right the first time, working around any furniture or blinds. Most importantly, it’s affordable; you can make it even cheaper if you bundle your cleanings together and join up with our Window Care program.

Window Genie can grant you these three window cleaning service wishes, but how often do you need to book an appointment?

How often should you get your windows cleaned using a window cleaning service?

This answer is not as simple as you might think. The frequency of your window cleanings depends a lot on unpredictable weather and usage conditions, as well as personal preferences. The answer will change depending on whether you own a business, or are simply looking to keep up appearances around the house.

If you own a business, we recommend that your windows be cleaned by a professional window cleaning service at least once per month. Keeping your business frontage looking sharp is an important obligation if you want to attract more customers and better clients.

Homeowners can get away with having their windows cleaned just once a year for basic cleaning. Most Window Genie customers opt for the twice-a-year, interior and exterior cleaning, while many swear by the quarterly exterior-only cleaning plan.

Your local weather conditions will also greatly influence the frequency of your window cleaning service needs. If you live near the sea, salt deposits can stick to your windows and corrode the panes, so a monthly cleaning will be recommended.

Of course, personal preference is key. Some people have beautiful vistas that their homes overlook, and want to take it in as best as possible. Others want to keep the morale of their office up by allowing full sunlight in. Some homeowners prefer unbroken natural sunlight in their homes instead of yellow-orange incandescent bulbs. If you want more out of your windows, more frequent cleanings are recommended!

How often do I have to book my window cleaning service?

Window Genie experts are all about eliminating work for you while saving you money. Don’t spend money on cleaning supplies, and don’t worry about prep – we’ve got it covered. By the same token, don’t worry about having to call us every month or two to schedule your cleaning; join up with our Window Care program, outline the frequency you want, and forget about it! You won’t have to worry about making another call unless you want to cancel the service, and bundling your cleanings gets you high-quality window cleaning services for cheap! Our Window Care program gets better for you the more you use it within a 12-month period. Discounts can drop your costs by as much as 30%, and every plan is customized to your unique needs!

If you would like to learn more about the Window Genie window cleaning service, then visit our website for information on our cleaning process, products, and other home maintenance services!

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