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How to Clean Fireplace Glass

Making sure your fireplace/wood stove is in safe, working condition this winter is a top priority… but once you’ve got that squared away, it’s important to also keep it looking clean! Sure, fire keeps us warm in our homes, but it’s also beautiful and relaxing to watch. So, how are you supposed to enjoy a roaring fire if the glass door is all covered in soot and build-up? Luckily, cleaning your fireplace glass is much easier than you think.

Wood burning fireplace.

Did you know that the best glass cleaner for your fireplace glass door was hiding in plain sight this whole time? That’s right, you can use leftover ash and soot from inside the fireplace to create an incredibly safe and effective glass cleaner… for free!

First things first. Do NOT attempt to clean your glass while it’s hot. Once your fire has been put out, wait at least a day to ensure there are no remaining burning embers inside or heat to the glass.

If you can remove your glass/door, do that! That’ll give you more room to work with. Either lay down some old towels, and large pieces of cardboard, or bring your glass outside to avoid making a huge mess. If you can’t take them off, just simply open the doors and lay a towel beneath them.

Mix your solution. There is no exact measurement needed here… just simply combine a bit of water, white vinegar, and enough of the ash from inside your fireplace to form a paste. This will essentially allow you to gently exfoliate the grime off the interior of your glass.

To apply this mixture, we prefer to use a microfiber towel. Gently scrub in a circular motion, then wipe away with clean towels dipped in the water/vinegar mixture until all remaining soot and grime are gone. Follow this step with a quick wipe-down using your favorite glass cleaner to ensure a streak-free shine.

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