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How to Decorate a Bay Window with Style

bay window.

Bay windows are a desirable architectural feature. They include three windows that jut outward from the square dimensions of the room. The middle window runs parallel to the surrounding wall, while the two adjoining windows are angled outward. The installation typically extends 2 to 3 feet beyond the foundation. Bay windows can also be found on the second floor of a home. This gorgeous feature improves curb appeal from the outside and can serve as a functional bit of extra square footage on the inside. However, decorating bay windows can prove quite a challenge. Make the most of having this sought-after feature by learning how to decorate a bay window to maximum effect.

Decorating a Bay Window Seating Area

  • You have numerous options for incorporating seating into a bay window. Here are some ideas:

  • Create a window seat: Freshen up your home decor by building a window seat or embellishing the one that’s already there. A wood-paneled bench is classy, while a padded one is made for comfort. Add decorative items as a way to bring color and texture to the space, and consider installing a hinge on the seat for hidden blanket or pillow storage.

  • Set up a breakfast nook: If your bay window is located in the kitchen, this is the ideal spot for a breakfast nook. Slide a table up to the window seat and place chairs on the opposite side to enjoy sun-drenched breakfasts and coffee breaks.

  • Make a cozy reading nook: Bay windows are most famous for providing quaint places to curl up with a good book. If a window seat is already present, upholster it for maximum comfort. Then, pile it high with cushions and pillows. You may even choose to install drapes over the reading nook, creating a private hideaway in the process.

Decorating a Bay Window without a Seating Area

  • Smaller, higher bay windows may not provide built-in seating, but you can still decorate them beautifully. Here are some ways to make your window the focal point of the room

  • Hang long drapes: Floor-to-ceiling draperies add elegance and lend a splash of color to the space. Even if the bay window doesn’t extend this far, hang the curtains close to the ceiling and make sure the hemline brushes the floor. This interior design trick makes the bay window look as large and grand as possible.

  • Install simple window treatments: Perhaps you want to utilize the square footage around your bay window, and long, heavy drapes would get in the way. Semi-sheer bamboo or Roman shades are an excellent way to control the lighting using simple, beautiful window treatments.

  • Make use of accent chairs: Even without built-in seating, you can still enjoy the view and light from a bay window with strategically placed accent chairs. Consider adding a small table for increased functionality.

  • Slide a desk over If you work from home, set a small desk against the bay window in your living room or office to maximize natural light while you work.

  • Set up a craft corner: Don’t have a dedicated hobby room? Claim the bay window alcove as your craft corner with all the supplies you need to sew, draw, scrapbook, and more.

Once you’re finished decorating, be sure to keep your well-loved bay window clean so anyone sitting close to the glass has an unobstructed view. Window Genie can get the job done! Our window cleaning services are fast, affordable, and guaranteed to be streak-free. Contact us today to request services that will keep your bay windows looking their best.

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