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Pressure Washing

How to Enjoy Pressure Washing Your Boat

Washing your boat should be part of its regular upkeep and maintenance. Most boaters realize the importance of washing the salt water off your vessel each time out, or as often as possible as salt affects everything it touches very harshly. It is a good idea to wash your boat at least annually. One way of effectively cleaning your boat is by pressure washing.

What You Will Need

When gathering tools for your boat’s spa day, you will need the pressure washer, wax, polish and protection for your eyes and feet. You will need sponges, wands and of course soap.

The pressure washer will need at least 2000 PSI and GM over 1.3. This is because grime can get into cracks and crevices and you will need this level of pressure washer to get it out.

Some places, like the motor, are hard to reach when cleaning. A wand will help to reach all those tall and tricky places, and it beats having to climb on a wet boat. Use a scrub brush on the hull. It’s very important to consider what surface materials you’re cleaning and to look for a soap specially designed for use on vehicles and boats.

When Pressure Washing a Boat

Remember to shut all doors, port holes and windows. It’s a good idea to secure or remove any loose equipment, such as cushions, before washing. The pressure can blast the objects right off the boat if you aren’t careful. Make sure the pump is working as well. Do a thorough check of the entire boat before beginning the wash.

Be aware of the type of siding that makes up the boat. Too strong of a pressure can scratch or spray off a layer of much-needed varnish. Start with low pressure and work up. Move slowly and use a wide nozzle.

When you apply the wash, spray from the bottom up. This will prevent any unwanted streaks. The soap should sit on the boat for up to ten minutes, but don’t allow it to dry.

Use low pressure when rinsing, and keep a distance from the boat. Start from the top of the boat and work your way down.

If you have decals, you need to pay close attention to them. They can easily be ripped off by pressure washing if you aren’t experienced. Try to spray at a 90 degree angle, staring at the middle of the decal and move to the edges. This will avoid spraying the decal off the surface.

Two full days are needed for your boat to dry. When it is completely dry, you can then wax or polish.

When to Call a Professional

Be aware of your boat cleaning goals. If you just want the job done right, and well, call an experienced pressure washing company. If your boat is too big, or you don’t have the equipment, don’t worry, a professional will have the experience and tools to take care of your boat.

Pressure washing your boat gets rid of algae, grime, stains, and fungal growth. By doing this regular cleaning, you are saving yourself money over the years of use.

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