How to Prepare Your Home or Business for a Professional Window Cleaning

When you book a professional window cleaning, the idea is to make your life easier. Nobody wants to pay to create extra work for themselves; you hire a professional window cleaning company like Window Genie because you want stunning results without any of the demand on your time and energy. Anything else is unacceptable!

Though this may seem like an obvious thing to say, many professional window cleaning companies don’t seem to embrace this concept. They leave a lot up to you. This might call you and ask you to jump through hoops preparing your home for their arrival, burdening you with extra chores just to make their lives easier. This is not the dynamic that you’d expect from a professional relationship with your servicemen; why am I paying them money, and pitching in on the job?

This article will compare and contrast the prep that professional window cleaning companies demand of their clients, and highlight how Window Genie is the number one choice for fast, easy, and impressive window cleaning results.

How to prepare your home or business when you call those “other” cleaning companies

Some professional window cleaning companies expect a lot from their clients. They put the responsibility on you to ensure that everything goes quickly and smoothly, rather than trusting in the training, experience, and equipment of their technicians to overcome any obstacle.

If you book with another professional window cleaning company, you can expect the following:

Step 1 – Inform all residents of their arrival

Many professional window cleaning companies look anything but professional! They might arrive on your property in unmarked vehicles, with casual clothes or worn-out uniforms that make them difficult to identify. This can be frightening to residents who are not warned of their arrival. With Window Genie, you don’t have to worry. Our royal-purple uniforms, patented WG-57 cleaning spray, and unmistakable GenieMobiles make our technicians incredibly easy to spot and identify, so that even uninformed house residents will be reassured that these are professional window cleaning workers rather than random intruders.

Step 2 – Clear the areas around all interior and exterior windows

This can be seriously time-consuming. Though moving your parked vehicles to allow GenieMobile access is reasonable, many companies will insist that you move all furniture, grids, curtains, screens and other obstructions before their workers arrive, along with any patio benches and chairs.

Window Genie technicians take a different approach. Though any assistance is welcome, it is certainly not necessary – you are paying to have your windows cleaned, and we think that accessing your windows is part of the job you paid for. Though it does speed the process, our technicians are able to work around almost everything in and out of the house thanks to our top-tier training and high-tech cleaning equipment.

Step 3 – Pray for perfect weather!

Though ultimately out of your control, most professional window cleaning companies are not prepared to work in imperfect weather conditions. You may end up warning your residents and moving all of your indoor and outdoor furniture for nothing if it starts to rain!

With Window Genie, this risk is non-existent. Weather rarely affects your service. We clean in cold, snowy weather, as well as hot and humid weather. We can even clean on rainy days, so long as the rainfall is not blowing unusually hard. Light rain won’t interfere with our professional window cleaning one bit; it is only when the rainfall drives through dirty window screens that problems arise.

The Window Genie difference is not hard to spot! We make your life easier every step of the way. Minimize your prep work, and optimize your savings by choosing Window Genie technicians for your next professional window cleaning service. To learn more about our window cleaning process, or to explore the value of our bundled Window Care Program discounts, visit!

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3 thoughts on “How to Prepare Your Home or Business for a Professional Window Cleaning”

  1. My fiance and I are thinking about having a professional window washer come to our home to do our windows. We want to know what we should do to make the process go more smoothly and liked learning that we should clear the areas around where they will be working. This will make the process go smoother for them.

  2. I like that you mention clearing the areas around windows before having them cleaned. I definitely think it would make a technician’s job easier and save time. The company I work for is planning on having our windows cleaned this weekend, so they’re having us prepare accordingly. Thanks for the tips!

  3. I like what you said about clearing the areas and how that can be important for window cleaners to do their job. I’ll have to do this when I contact a window cleaning service because I have a lot of things in the way of my windows that I really want to be cleaned. I’ll keep this useful information in mind, thank you!

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