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Gutter Cleaning

How to Safely Keep Hard to Reach Gutters Clean

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No matter how hard your gutters are to reach, they still need to be kept clean. But getting into those nooks and crannies on the edge of a high roof can be dangerous, if not done correctly.

Let’s look at different methods for cleaning second-story gutters and find out whether they work. These methods include:

  • Using ladders and proper ladder safety.
  • Relying on gutter guards to reduce cleaning needs.
  • Using vacuum and leaf blower attachments.
  • Using your hose. (Not recommended.)
  • Using a professional gutter cleaner.

Should You Use a Ladder While Cleaning Second-Story Gutters?

While this is a popular method to clean hard-to-reach gutters if you’re going to use ladders remember that ladder safety should always be your top priority. First and foremost, never let kids climb the ladder—this is a good time to teach them that ladders aren’t toys. Second, your ordinary household ladder probably isn’t suitable for this task. You’ll need a ladder fully equipped with safety features and the proper mechanics for use on a roof. A little research can help you make sure the ladder you have at home is up to the safety standards you need.

What About Gutter Guards?

Gutter guards are designed to keep debris and animals out of your gutters while keeping the water flowing away from the house. Even though gutter guards don’t qualify as a way of cleaning hard-to-reach gutters, they can be a solution for homeowners looking to keep their gutters from clogging up with leaves and twigs.

The pros and cons of gutter guards include:

  • Pro: When you have gutter guards, you don’t need to clean your gutters as often.
  • Con: Installing good-quality gutter guards can be costly and time-consuming.
  • Pro: Gutter guards prevent birds and rodents from building nests in your gutters.
  • Con: Uncleaned gutter guards can turn into a miniature tree farm because of trapped seeds.

Ultimately, even with gutter guards installed, you’ll still need to clean your gutters periodically. Keep reading to learn more methods.

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Vacuum and Leaf Blower Attachments

There are many types of vacuum attachments for leaf blowers and shop vacs to assist in the gutter cleaning process. While these attachments can be useful, they typically don’t reach every spot, so they aren’t the best for reaching high gutters. It’s also important to consider the safety implications of climbing a ladder with a heavy leaf blower or similar device since thoroughly cleaning second-story gutters from the ground probably won’t be possible.

Using a Hose

While you may be tempted to use your hose to clean your gutters, it usually isn’t the best option. The truth is, that using your hose to clean your gutters can accidentally knock your gutters loose by damaging the anchors that secure them to the house. Even worse, water can get under your shingles or leak through the eaves, resulting in water damage. And, of course, it’s also not safe to carry a hose while climbing a ladder, since a splash of water on the steps or a strong gust of wind could cause you to slip.

Professional Gutter Cleaning

Most of the time, it’s easier and safer to let the professionals handle jobs like cleaning the gutters. If you decide a professional is the way to go, your local Window Genie is ready to help you clean your gutters. Our team of experts is outfitted with the proper tools and knowledge to get the job done efficiently. Give us a call to request a free quote. We’re looking forward to speaking with you!

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