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How to Get Markers and Crayons Off Windows

Many parents and babysitters have answered a phone call or simply looked away for a moment, to come back and find the most glorious artwork on the windows. Don’t throw your hands up in despair. The situation isn’t as hopeless as you may think. Let’s take a look at ways we can encourage a child’s creative side safely while cleaning glass windows.

Helpful Options

If you don’t want to stifle your little one’s creativity but need to be able to see out your windows, here are a few options you may want to check out. They can save you time and of course peace of mind.

  • Crayola Window Crayons: The crayons come in a box full of different bold and bright colors, so your little one doesn’t have to give up their favorite color. They go on smooth and are easily washable, so that’s great news for cleaning glass windows. The crayons dry quickly and can be used in the house, car, or any glass surface.
  • Washable Window Markers: here is a package of more bright colors, only in marker form. They work on windows, picture frames, and mirrors.
  • Window Writers: these marker-like pens are very similar to washable markers. They still come in bright colors and are easily washed off.

Removing Crayons, Markers, and Permanent Marker

There are many ways to remove artwork from your windows, some require careful skill and others just need a cloth. Here are a few simple steps for removing crayons and markers while cleaning glass windows.

If you have used washable markers or crayons:

  • Spray the decorated area with a glass cleaner.
  • Using a clean, dry cloth, or paper towel, wipe off the cleaner.
  • Wipe again with a dry cloth, paper towel, or cloth towel.

Try to wipe with a dry cloth, if you don’t the crayon or marker could smear. For all types of crayons and markers, a combination of vinegar and warm water, or dish soap and warm water, will work just fine. You may have to scrub, but these are non-chemical options. You can also try nail polish remover with Acetone, or try rubbing alcohol with a cloth or sponge if the window isn’t tinted. As always, consult a professional if you need help or have any questions.


Kid-proof windows would not be complete without including safety measures. For children, falls are the most common accident to happen at home. Cleaning glass windows won’t prevent accidents, but some of these ideas will.

  • Special “Childproof” Locks for Windows: These locks are available for all types of windows. They prevent children from opening the windows on their own.
  • Window Guards: The window guard is a grill-like protector that is hard to open for young children, but is easy for adults if there is an emergency.
  • Screens: Any screen needs to be used along with another childproof method like guards or locks.
  • Cordless Shades: The possibility of strangulation by blinds and cords is removed by using these handy inventions on your window.
  • Window Stops: these handy gadgets prevent your window from opening too far. Most stops are easy to use and you have control over how much the window is open.

So there is a safe, and easy way to let your child enjoy color and drawing, but still be able to enjoy cleaning glass windows without tears.

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