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Maximize a Small Space with Window Film

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If you struggle with trying to maximize space in a small room in your home, you know how frustrating it can be. You feel limited in your options for furniture arrangement and décor, and the room never feels quite right. Don’t give up! We’re here to offer a unique space saving tip to increase comfort: INSTALL WINDOW FILM!

What is window film? To put it simply, it’s a virtually undetectable and removable film installed directly onto your glass that helps to deflect heat, reduce energy consumption, reduce glare, protect your skin and furnishings from fading and increases both privacy and security. All good stuff to have in the home!

Whether it’s your bathroom, bedroom or TV room, hanging curtains to achieve some privacy can really work against you – they just clutter and darken the room. Having window film installed in place of bulky window treatments can help tremendously. Window film allows a small space to BREATHE!

Curtains, drapes, blinds or shades only muddle the window space, blocking natural light from coming in and inhabitants from looking out. Feeling disconnected from the outside world like you’re in a cave is only ideal when you’re taking a nap or watching a good movie. If that’s your goal, then disregard this tip! If you are trying to brighten and lighten the load in your room however, this may be the answer to your problems. The same way a big mirror makes a room feel bigger, having access to the view out a window makes a space feel like it goes on and on… and on. A constant influx of natural light really brings a room to life, making it feel much more spacious and inviting.

Another great perk of installing window film is that it reduces glare. A common issue people face in home offices or family rooms is determining the arrangement of furniture to avoid glare on TV and computer screens. With reduced glare, options open up so furniture can be placed strategically and comfortably without restrictions!

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Whether it’s for your enjoyment or to impress guests, a breezy open room is just more appealing. An additional thing to consider is the impression you’d make during an open house if/when you decide to sell your house one day. Home buyers will notice a home that feels open, airy, warm and spacious. If you’re covering your windows with bulky drapes that turn an otherwise welcoming space into a dark cave, you’re going to lose the appeal.

To review… Aside from looking awesome, window film boasts a number of INCREDIBLE benefits including:

  • Acts as sunglasses for the home… no more annoying glare in your eyes, on the TV or computer screen.
  • Gives your HVAC system a break! By deflecting the sun’s heat you’re increasing the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems, immensely reducing energy consumption which = lower utility bills
  • No more fading of wood floors, expensive artwork or leather couches! By blocking harmful UV rays, your interior furnishings remain unscathed as you bask in the natural light without also putting your family’s skin at risk.
  • Privacy and security! We hang curtains and blinds in our bathroom for privacy… but then why have a window at all if we can’t enjoy the natural light? It’s time to quit giving your neighbors a peep show. Don’t want to darken the “office” with curtains or blinds? Window film comes in a variety of choices from frosted to decorative to reflective privacy film that looks mirror-like from outside. ALSO, window film strengthens glass for increased security; intruders or extreme weather are less likely to be able to break the window. If they do, window film secures dangerous shards acting similarly to a broken windshield.

Our Window Genie window film selection includes a variety of materials, colors and shades to fit every home and every budget. Also, every window film product is backed by our manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee. At Window Genie, all estimates are free! To learn more, talk to your local Genie to discuss which of our films fit your needs and budget.

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