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Meet the Neighbors: Cliff from Princeton, NJ

Robin McKenna Owner of Window Genie of Princeton.

Cliff came to New Jersey, bought a house and started a family almost 30 years ago. Two years ago, he met Robin McKenna, the owner of Window Genie of Princeton. Window Genie is a locally owned and operated home service franchise specializing in the difficult, dangerous and time-consuming chores most can’t or won’t do themselves: window cleaning, window tinting, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, holiday lighting and more.

Despite seeing the value in repairing and maintaining his home over the years, Cliff says he’s always just hired the painter, handyman, or kid down the street who was available at the time. “But I’ve never used the same service company twice in a row,” Cliff said. “I don’t know why.”

“It’s not that I’ve had a particularly negative experience with any of these companies,” Cliff said. “But having odd jobs done around the home by so many different individuals over the years, it’s hard to remember who fixed what, or who cleaned what. All I know is I have no interest in doing it myself!”

Since meeting Robin at the local BNI group, Cliff says, it’s impossible to forget her level of professionalism and expertise.

“Not only does her team provide multiple services that my home needs, such as gutter cleaning, pressure washing, window cleaning… but from the top down they’re impressive. The way she chooses to run her franchise is reflected in her team. They’re professional, knowledgeable, friendly and get the job done.”

Professional pressure washing.

What Cliff realized quickly after working with Robin was that although her services are some he doesn’t necessarily WANT to do himself… they’re sometimes also tasks the average homeowner CAN’T do themselves.

“I know pressure washing is tricky, so thankfully I’ve never tried to do it myself or I’m sure I would have ended up damaging my house or patio. Robin educated me on the service, and it was really eye opening. Seeing the different types of equipment and varied pressures her team used to clean my siding vs. my concrete patio affirmed that pressure washing isn’t simply spraying high pressure water at something to knock the dirt off.”

This past fall, Cliff even had Robin’s team out to clean his gutters… twice!

Uncleaned gutters.

“I’m not a handy guy, but I like a clean home and know the value of keeping everything in good working condition. My gutters were cleaned in the early fall but were full again by November. I knew that if I left them clogged all winter, I’d potentially be facing an ice issue that can do major damage – so it was well worth having them out a second time rather than get on a ladder myself just to save a few bucks. They’re just so quick and thorough, it’s worth the time and aggravation it saved me.”

As far as his spring-cleaning plans go, Cliff says he, “cannot wait to have her team come do the windows. They’re overdue.”

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