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Meet The Neighbors: NW Indiana

A beautiful home.

Introducing MEET THE NEIGHBORS: We interviewed some of Window Genie’s most loyal customers across the country to find out why they chose Window Genie to tackle their home service needs, and why they’ve invited us back into their homes year after year…

First up, we have two women from northern Indiana – they are longtime customers of Gary Eenigenburg, the local franchise partner in that area. He operates in St. John, IN and Tinley Park, IL.

Veronica knew Gary from his previous life as a builder – through her business and as a sub-contractor, she had done a lot of work with Gary. When Gary decided to take the leap and become his own boss as a business owner about 10 years ago, the days of Veronica and her husband cleaning their own windows was over!

“I was his first customer, and I’m proud of it!” she said. “We cleaned our windows so often because the nearby farms always had dry corn and soybean debris blowing our way. Once we could hire someone to come take care of it every 6 weeks, we went for it and never looked back. It has been such a huge time saver.”

Veronica claims one of her favorite things about Gary’s team at Window Genie is their punctuality, efficiency and courtesy. “Our office is on our property, and I’m so busy with that, that sometimes I don’t even notice they’re here til they start doing the windows at the office! I love that I can be on a recurring schedule and never have to follow up or worry whether they’ll show up or do a great job. They’re always here for us, so having consistently clean windows is guaranteed in my mind. The guys do such good work, they always say hi, you just couldn’t ask for better service.”

As for Window Genie’s other core services including pressure washing and gutter cleaning, Veronica knows the team at Window Genie will be there for them when they’re ready:

“My husband and I still do a lot of things ourselves like clean our gutters, siding, concrete, you know… but when we’re tired of that too, we know Gary’s crew will take over beautifully.”

Teri is another longtime customer of Window Genie in NW Indiana. Teri’s family is so loyal to their local Window Genie, that Teri’s college aged son worked as a window cleaning technician last summer!

“He’s a college student, so we’re thankful they were able to hire him while he was home for the summer,” she said. “Window Genie’s a great place for him to have learned some work ethic and customer service – the team sets a great example.”

Teri’s family has had Gary’s team cleaning their home for almost ten years, since Gary opened his franchise.

“I have way too many windows and can’t do them myself. We’re always telling family and friends how much we love Window Genie,” Teri said. “Gary’s team has been doing our window for years, and we like to do our part to earn them some more business.”

Window Genie is so grateful to have the loyalty of our customers who continue to invite us back to their homes, year after year. Share your experience with Window Genie below!

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