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New Franchise Partner makes local news

 Dow Lively opened his new home service business Window Genie on Feb. 24.

This fantastic article from The Walton Tribune in the greater Atlanta area describes Dow Lively’s journey to business ownership. Dow officially opened Window Genie of Loganville on Monday, February 24th. We’re excited to have him on TEAM GENIE – Congrats, Dow!

Posted: Wednesday, March 5, 2014 12:00 am

By: Raquel Willis

Loganville local Dow Lively is looking to make a clean sweep after the opening of his incarnation of Window Genie on Feb. 24.

The franchise offers specialized home services such as window and gutter cleaning, window tinting, pressure washing, and cleaning.

With an atypical road to business ownership, Lively’s interest in the franchise developed after being laid off from his previous job in August 2013.

“Over a period of a couple of months, nothing was happening so I got rather frustrated with that. I started to examine the franchise world and I got in touch with a coach for franchises,” Lively said. “I happened to get one that was very good. He asked some questions. I had to do a personality profile. He started suggesting different franchises I could probably fit into with my background and personality.”

It took a month, but after examining the benefits that Window Genie could provide to Loganville, he finalized plans and decided to go into the home service industry.

“Window Genie always stood out for its simplicity. I wanted something that wasn’t high tech, had low overhead, and would connect me to the community,” Lively said. “Also, being able to offer a variety of services to fit every home’s needs and budget is great.”

Window Genie’s appeal also came with a high rating by his coach and an increased rating through Forbes Magazine over the past decade.

“I felt good that this was something I had a chance at succeeding at,” Lively said.

His confidence stemmed from his 18 years of experience working in construction, sales, and management. Many of the same principles that he learned in that line of work spill over into business ownership and his plans for the franchise.

“For me to be a successful salesperson, I have to believe in the product, I have to deliver the product and you have to be able to talk to people with a straight face to sell the product,” Lively said. “Sales techniques are pretty much standard in any industry, but you’ve got to have a style for whatever it is that you’re selling. Over a period of years, I guess I’ve learned enough and developed a style of sales.”

The past month has been focused on training corporate officials and making sure that Lively is set with a proper foundation for the business.

“I got to hear from the guys in the system what worked, how they felt about the potential of their business and it helped me make my decision‚“ said Lively. “After I left my week of training at the corporate office in Cincinnati I felt very comfortable with the decision I made. This will be a challenge but that’s what makes it exciting. I just want to get out there and see what I’m made of.”

Their first week revolved around getting their name out in the community and figuring out the preliminary concerns that all businesses had in the beginning.

“We are getting more calls already this week, but it’s going to take a while to get the name recognition and proper advertising,” Lively said.

The existence of this service in Loganville represents a situation in which customers won’t have to travel miles for more specialized services. There’s a convenience that Window Genie is trying to foster.

“(Locals) have a window service company right here in town and they don’t have to go all the way to Atlanta or Athens. We just want to do a lot of work locally,” Lively said. “I’ve always worked with national contractors and all over the southeast, but now I’m finally figuring out what the community is and where it is.”

For more information contact Dow Lively at [email protected].

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