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New Window Genie Franchise Partner Highlight

Robin McKenna of Central, NJ

Window genie pro Robin Mckenna.

Robin McKenna, the new Window Genie franchise owner in Central New Jersey has a special, emotional story about her journey to business ownership. Robin was laid off from her job of 20 years but was able to see past the negative and truly embrace the unfortunate situation as a “blessing in disguise.”

Her story is very representative of the way many individuals become business owners. The Window Genie story is one that’s full of entrepreneurs who didn’t actualize their dream of business ownership until forced to make a choice. Their choices were between taking a chance and opening a business… or sticking to what they were comfortable doing, even if that meant being under-appreciated, overworked, and underpaid. We’re proud of the individuals that make up TEAM GENIE because they all had the guts to follow their dreams, take control of their own success, and find happiness.

Below is a media announcement that was released about Robin’s grand opening. It details the circumstances leading up to her choice to purchase a Window Genie franchise. She, like so many before her, just needed a little push in the right direction. She’s now able to spend more time with family while still working hard and making a living that she’s proud of. She is the boss!

New business owner says layoff was a blessing, I have my life back

Robin McKenna, owner of Window Genie of Central NJ, says business ownership has given her the freedom to create her own schedule, be in control of her success, and have the work-life balance she missed in her previous career.

Cincinnati, OH – Window Genie announces the grand opening of their newest location in Princeton, NJ on Monday, March 17th. Robin McKenna is the owner/operator. Window Genie is a nationally ranked home services franchise offering window cleaning, window tinting, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, and much more. Window Genie of Central NJ and Bucks County, PA will service the Princeton area and surrounding communities, as well as Bucks County, PA. A ribbon cutting ceremony will take place on Tuesday, March 18th at 5:00 pm at the Princeton Chamber of Commerce at 182 Nassau St. Suite #301 in Princeton. All are welcome to attend.

Before joining the Window Genie team, McKenna spent 20 years at a medical device company in sales and marketing, more recently in global marketing developing and commercializing products worldwide. In July 2012 her position was eliminated. McKenna said, “I did what most people do after a layoff. I looked for a similar job because it’s what I was used to. I knew in my heart that I could not go back and feel secure or happy, though.” After some time off, McKenna realized the “blessing in disguise” she was granted by being unemployed. “I had always wanted to be home more while my children were in high school my daughter was a sophomore and my son was in 6th grade at the time. Also, unfortunately, my parents were having some health issues. I was granted this wish I had always had in the back of my mind to be home spending time with family. My mom would bring my dad to my house on her way to work to spend time with me and attend my children’s swim meets and other functions; it was truly a blessing to spend precious time together as I decided what to do next.” McKenna was able to take away a piece of advice from her father before he passed away. He told her, “Take your passions and put them to work for yourself.” McKenna said, “His words and support really meant something to me. It helped me realize that it’s all about family, quality of life, and working for you because the return is based on your efforts and decisions.”

McKenna stopped looking for another corporate job in June 2013 and began focusing solely on business ownership with her franchise coach, Bill McGuire of The Entrepreneur’s Source. “I began looking around online at business opportunities in late 2012 and must have left a cookie somewhere because I was approached by Bill. If he hadn’t contacted me, I don’t know where I would be now. His guidance was so essential to getting me where I am today at Window Genie.” They discussed McKenna’s strengths, weaknesses, goals, and interests to determine which business models would fit her best. Window Genie was one of them and, “shined amongst all others from the get-go,” says McKenna. What stood out to McKenna about the Window Genie business was the ability to offer multiple services to repeat customers. She said, “This would give me an opportunity to build relationships in the community and continue to serve that customer for years. Also, with the many different services Window Genie offers, there’s something for every home and every budget; I like that. Window Genie’s strong culture and give-back program, Windows 4 Wishes stood out to McKenna. She said, “The corporate team has such a strong, well-defined culture. It’s something I’ll be sure I reflect in my business. When I hire a technician I’ll let them know that we work hard and we play hard, we contribute to our community and take pride in our work, values that were instilled in me by my mom and dad. These were values so clearly embedded in the Window Genie culture and I felt it just even talking to existing franchise partners during my discovery process. Everyone I talked to had such fantastic things to say about the business and the corporate team. It feels good to invest in team Genie; it’s an extended family that not only cares about the success of my business but the happiness and fulfillment it brings me.”

Window Genie located in Princeton, NJ officially opens for business on Monday, March 17th. McKenna is excited, saying, “I can’t wait to get back to work and be able to provide people with things they really need and help improve the homes in my area. I’m providing jobs to people in my community and helping them build skills they can use in the future. I’m a planner and organizer so I feel prepared to take on the spring cleaning season after all the snow we’ve had also being very customer-oriented, I’m excited to just get out there and start building relationships based on professionalism and quality. Two years ago I was unhappy and felt stuck in the corporate world. Being laid off was a blessing that led me to Window Genie. I have my life back and control of my own destiny.” For more information about Window Genie of Central NJ and Bucks County PA, please contact Robin McKenna at [email protected]. To speak to Bill McGuire of The Entrepreneur’s Source about franchise opportunities, kindly make a call.

About Robin McKenna: Robin McKenna is a local born and bred Central New Jerseyan; she was born in Bucks County, PA, and lived in Hamilton Township, NJ during the earlier part of her life until moving to Lawrenceville, NJ, and calling that home until she married. She attended Rider University where she received both her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. Most of Robin’s family were born, raised, and still reside in Central New Jersey and Bucks County, PA. Her mother, Harriet Hendricks Cook was born in Bucks County, PA, and is now a resident in her birth state. Her father, Robert Edward Cook was born in Mercer County NJ, and was an inspiration to her starting her own business before his passing last year. Currently residing in Belle Meade, NJ, McKenna is now a proud small business owner servicing the communities she loves to call home. McKenna has been very involved in the community, serving as a Girl Scout Leader, United Way Day of Caring organizer, and a member of the Somerset Valley YMCA parent board and parent volunteer. She plans to get her business involved in giving back to the community.

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