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Novice DIY Project: Pressure Washing?

pressure washing garage

Did you see Buzzfeed’s pressure washing video? Amazing. There’s just something soothing about seeing a bunch of grime wash away miraculously in front of your eyes. In case you missed it, let’s watch again before we begin…

Buzzfeed has actually written quite a few articles on how oddly satisfying it is to; pressure wash different surfaces, and we agree! Watching a stream of water wash over concrete, brick, wood, house siding and more just soothes the soul – it feels cleansing and calming.

If you are like me, you wanted to run to the store and rent a pressure washer immediately after seeing that video. Not so fast! Although we’ve written about the dangers of DIY pressure washing, it’s not all doom and gloom. There are still some jobs that are easily done by a novice – and it’s strangely fun! Anyone should be able to handle a small deck, patio, patio furniture or maybe even a grill. It’s important to be safe and educate yourself, though. When you are doing a job yourself there are a few things to remember:

For starters, pressure washer prices vary considerably depending on where you try to buy from. Many big-box stores carry pressure washers, as do home maintenance and hardware stores, but they are very inconsistent in terms of quality, price, and power. For this reason, it is impossible to recommend buying a particular brand or model, since the stores in your area could be carrying anything. Ordering online is not the way to go either, because shipping prices will have to factor in the considerable weight and cumbersome size of the item, which can be very expensive.

Renting is not only going to be cheaper, but it also gives you some other advantages in terms of equipment and instruction. You will be able to talk to the rental shop’s owner to find an appropriate model for your needs. Every type of surface requires different equipment and a different level of pressure. It is also very likely that you’ll get a walk-through of how the machine works in person – after all, the rental shop owner wants you to return their equipment in good condition, so it’s in his or her best interest to teach you how to work it properly. Since they are also going to have to face you again when you return the washer, it wouldn’t make sense for them to give you a faulty unit or poor advice. The rental shop owner has much more incentive to steer you in the right direction: a big box-store employee can just point you towards the first thing he sees, and then disappear without any consequences or confrontation. In the end, renting will save you money up front, and ensures you get the right tool and training for the job.

Safety is always the main concern, so please read the safety manual. There is no one standard pressure washer. Big box brand stores sell cheap versions with variable power settings, user friendliness, and reliability. Make sure you read the safety manual, both to protect yourself and your deck, driveway and house! Improper use could scar the surface. Not only that, but you could hurt yourself too. There is also a difference between gas powered and electric. Gas powered are always going to be safer, but the majority of rentals are electric. Securing cords and making sure there are no exposed wires is extremely important. We all know water and electricity do not mix!

Remember what your goals are when cleaning, and use the appropriate pressure washer. Start with the lowest pressure first, with the broadest nozzle. If you use a nozzle that is too narrow, the water stream can cut right into the cleaning area surface. Test the nozzle pressure on a small, “out of sight” type area before doing a big job. Another tip is to keep the nozzle moving, and hold it at an angle. By moving these two things, you will prevent any cutting into the surface from the force of the water. Wash from the bottom up when cleaning vertical surfaces, and rinse from the top down.

This all can seem daunting for what seems like an easy task. Pressure washers can be expensive to rent or buy, and come with safety issues. Maybe the job is harder or larger than you originally thought. For the bigger jobs you might want to call in a professional. Window Genie pressure washing is extremely versatile, being equally effective when used to clean decks, home siding and paved surfaces and even roofs. Whether you dust off your old unit or rent one from a local rental shops, the chances are that whatever kind of pressure washer you can get your hands on will not be on par with that used by one of America’s leading professional pressure washing companies. Window Genie is in a constant state of growth with a focus on continued improvement. This means that equipment is continually updated and we choose only the best on the market. All our pressure washers are equipped with the Honda GX390 gas engines. All our technicians are fully trained and have plenty of practice on all types of surfaces. Bonus tip: ask your local professional to provide proof of insurance for your protection. ;

Pressure washing is really not as simple as it seems when approached by someone lacking in experience and equipment. Indeed, Window Genie has been able to succeed as a leading power washing company because the service is in high demand as homeowners look for fast and easy solutions to their soiled siding situations. Window Genie brings over two decades of experience to the job alongside the most modern equipment and offers customers a guaranteed clean. Don’t roll the dice with rental service equipment and first-timer’s luck; call Window Genie to have your pressure washing wishes granted.

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