It’s that time of year again! The cold is slowly beginning to creep its way into your home. In an effort to keep from boring you with math and science lets just say heat flows from hot to cold. So technically the heat is trying to escape. We often feel a drafty window and say to ourselves “ The cold is trying to break in.”, but it’s not necessarily true. So how do we convince the heat from leaving? Continue reading "Diminish Drafty Windows this Winter"
Shopping for holiday gifts can be stressful, especially if you have a long list of people with all sorts of tastes. Whether you’re shopping for kids, college students, tech lovers, pet owners, or the person who has everything, we’ve got ideas for you! Here are the five hottest gifts of the 2019 Christmas season that you might want to add to your list.

Hottest Gift for Kids: Echo Dot Kids Edition

  Alexa devices are useful for everything from playing music to making calls to checking the weather. Just this past June, Amazon launched the all-new Echo Dot Kids Edition designed with youngsters in mind. The device can answer questions, tell stories, and play kid-friendly music and games. At the same time, parents enjoy peace of mind with daily time limits and activity review capabilities. Multiple layers of privacy protection, including a microphone off button, maximize your confidence in this device.

Trendy Gift for College Students: Bluetooth Water Bottle Speaker

College kids love having music on the go. They also recognize the importance of staying hydrated between classes. Give college students a gift that lets them do both! The Bluetooth water bottle speaker available from the Grommet is the perfect picnic or poolside companion. It wirelessly syncs to your phone for six to 10 hours of music playback. The water-resistant speaker is smartly fitted to the top of the water bottle for superior sound and easy access. The water bottle itself is made of vacuum-sealed, insulated stainless steel to help keep beverages cold for 24 hours or hot for 12. Available in four colors—burgundy, black, teal, and white—you’re sure to find a design that works for your college student.

Popular Tech Gift: Smartwatch

Wearable smart devices are trendy among the young and old, active and not-so-active. Some smartwatches focus on letting you make calls and send texts, while others emphasize health and fitness tracking. Different styles and designs from Garmin appeal to men, women, and children. Options also come in a wide price range to fit your budget.

Top Gift for Pet Owners: Custom Pet iPhone Case

Pet owners often think of themselves as parents of their four-legged children. If you have a friend whose world revolves around their pet, this is a Christmas present they’ll love! All you need to create a custom illustrated dog iPhone case is a picture of your friend’s beloved pet and knowledge of what iPhone they have. Upload the picture to a custom phone designer on Etsy, and they’ll hand-paint a clear case with a beautiful portrait. This personalized gift is one your animal-loving friend won’t soon forget.

Give the Gift of an Experience

Whether you’re struggling to shop for a loved one who seems to have everything, or you simply don’t want to add to your child’s toy collection, consider giving the gift of an experience this Christmas. Outings promote togetherness and have more meaning than many trinkets you might buy. If you’re planning an experience for your family, consider gift wrapping tickets to a stage production, sporting event, or concert. If your budget is higher, plan a family vacation or cruise. When shopping for a friend, consider giving the gift of cooking classes, art lessons, or SCUBA diving certification. You can also give “we” gifts that include both of you, such as an afternoon together at a nail salon, a trip to the shooting range, or tickets to an art show. Once all your gifts are purchased, the final step is to get everything wrapped and put under the tree. These gift wrapping hacks should come in handy.
Whether you hop in your family “truckster” and head to the local lot or grab the tattered box out the attic, the Christmas tree is a vital part of celebrating America’s most beloved holiday. But if you just step back and think about the idea of bringing a living tree into your home, doesn’t it seem weird? I mean whose idea was this anyways? Continue reading "Whose Idea Was the Christmas Tree?"
Sandwiched in between Halloween and Christmas is the totally boring holiday called Thanksgiving. I know I don’t agree with that statement either. I love Thanksgiving. In fact, it’s my favorite holiday. But if you are a child Thanksgiving can be very boring. There are any presents and they don’t get to dress up. That’s not the case anymore. Here are few ideas to make Thanksgiving a blast! Continue reading "Having Fun at the Kid’s Table"
When it comes to cleaning, things can become mundane very quickly. No one really enjoys cleaning, but sometimes using a new product or a new method can really spice up your cleaning routine. I’m not talking about using lemons and vinegar. I’m talking about using very unique and out of the box ideas that seem to work. I want to preface this by admitting that I haven’t tried any of these techniques so please be cautious. Continue reading "4 Out of the Box Cleaning Hacks"
  Every year around the holidays, our kitchens take a beating. If you just hosted Thanksgiving, you know exactly what I'm talking about... and no other appliance gets it worse than our poor ovens. If your oven's door glass is looking greasy and foggy - never fear! We want to share some of our favorite ways to get that glass crystal clear again: Continue reading "How to Clean Oven Door Glass"
What Exactly is Mercury Glass? If you’re attracted to stylish things, you might adore the look of mercury glass. This type of finish is more prevalent than you might expect. You’re especially likely to find mercury glass in the form of holiday decorations, but these can be a bit expensive. Learn more about mercury glass, how to make your own DIY glass ornaments, and tips for cleaning mercury glass to keep it looking merry and bright for many holiday seasons to come. Continue reading "What Exactly Is Mercury Glass?"