The importance of Gutter Maintenance

Ignoring your gutters can get you into a lot of trouble! A proper maintenance routine calls for at least two clean-outs a year to avoid costly, irreversible damage to your home. Window Genie is here with some fun facts! We hope after reading this you feel educated and prepared to care for your home like never before!

CLOGGED GUTTERS: A home's silent killer

There's good news and there's bad news. We'll start with the bad: Gutters are one of the most overlooked aspects of home maintenance. It's easy to forget a part of your home you cannot easily see or access. Problems arise silently and you're usually unaware until it's too late! Yikes! Water cannot properly flow from a clogged gutter. Stagnant water is an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects. Birds and mice are also known to make themselves at home in a clogged gutter! Water that cannot drain properly WILL find a way out of the gutter eventually. This usually means the water seeps into your roof, siding, fascia board or foundation. Over time this causes significant damage including excessive mold, cracking, rusting and rotting. A rotten house is not a happy house! Your gutters will begin to distance themselves... literally! Gutters are typically installed with a nail. Over time, weather causes this nail to expand and contract. The hole the nail rests in has now expanded. When the nail contracts again, it comes loose and slips out, bringing the gutter with it. The gutter could break free from the roof taking siding, paint, shingles or landscaping down with it. Cleaning your own gutters is DANGEROUS! According to the National Safety Council, falls are the #1 cause of accidental death and injury at home.Falls cause over 6,500 deaths each year and over TWO MILLION hospital-related injuries every year.      


We told you there would be good news! There are solutions to your gutter problems

WINDOW GENIE CAN HELP! Window Genie now offers gutter re-securing as an add on service. If we're cleaning your gutters and notice they're coming loose, we can easily re-secure them that day! Replacing gutters is EXTREMELY expensive if they fall off, especially if they take your roof, siding or landscaping down with them. Why gamble on a perfectly good gutter when it's only flaw is how it's been attached. We'll get you cleaned up, re-secured and good to go! Window Genie offers Window Care, a program where scheduled repeat visits save the customer money. This is especially effective when multiple services are bundled and scheduled to be regularly repeated together! If you need your gutters and windows cleaned twice a year, have them done on the same day! You'll save money, time and it's incredibly convenient.

Spring Cleaning: Who can we thank for this tradition?

It’s that time of year again. The days are getting longer, and it’s a good thing too! There is suddenly so much to do around the house, right? Spring cleaning is a popular but time consuming and strenuous tradition. There may be a few explanations as to why we as Americans feel the sudden urge to collectively purge, rearrange and restore our homes from top to bottom come springtime. Now who can we thank for starting this trend?

Well, it’s no myth; winter causes us to be inherently less active and motivated. That’s right; your brain creates melatonin when there is less sunlight on cold dreary days, making you sleepy! Come spring, Mother Nature provides us a natural energy boost by giving us warmer weather and extra sunlight. This is when you’ll notice the cobwebs, the ring around the tub and the dirty, streaky windows.

So now that we know why we’re willing to spend the time and effort cleaning, we can explore the ancient tradition of spring cleaning as an activity that western society has adopted. Spring cleaning was not always how we know it to be today; it began in the Jewish, Iranian and Chinese cultures many centuries ago.

The Jewish tradition came from their regular house cleaning just before Passover; the holiday marking the exodus of the Jews from Egypt. Since matzah, or unleavened bread, was fed to the Jewish slaves in Egypt, it is tradition for Jews to rid their house of any leavened bread during Passover. This is to honor and remember those that had to overcome slavery and oppression by eating foods the Jews consider humble. To ensure all bread has been removed from the house, including crumbs, a full-fledged house cleaning is routinely done each year as to not offend God.

The Iranian New Year, like in most cultures, signifies new beginnings. The ritual, “khooneh takouni” which means “shaking the house” has been a customary activity performed by Iranians looking to turn over a new leaf and refresh their homes. Undergoing a complete house cleaning allows for the New Year to start off on the right foot.

The third group of contributors to the origin of spring cleaning is the Chinese. The Chinese New Year is one of the most important holidays in their culture. It is celebrated for weeks, welcoming spring and celebrating good fortune to come. Like Iranians, Chinese mark the coming of a new year with a thorough house cleaning. They sweep, mop and rearrange to rid their homes of any negativity seen in the previous year. They do this to symbolically welcome rebirth in all aspects of their life, hoping to bring good luck in the New Year.

Spring Cleaning: Never Fear, Help is Out There!

No matter your reason, you may become overwhelmed at the daunting task of cleaning an entire house inside and out. Many homeowners are able to tackle the tasks inside their home, but how many are able to get on a ladder and completely clean their own windows, siding and gutters? How many homeowners are comfortable doing that, and furthermore, have the tools and supplies to do so? Reaching out for help in some areas may be worth considering. Do yourself a favor and research quality local home service and landscape professionals this season. Reviews on sites like AngiesList, Google+ or Yelp will help steer you in the right direction. You could also ask a friend or neighbor who they use. Creating a game plan and sticking to it with a little help will make for a successful spring cleaning this year!

What makes a good franchisee?

2013 is looking like it’s going to be Window Genie’s biggest, best year. So far in 2013, we have 10 new Window Genie owners coming on board scheduled to grand open this winter and spring. In an interview with The Franchise King, Joel Libava, Window Genie CEO, Rik Nonelle was asked about what kind of people become Window Genie franchise owners, and if there was a certain “type” we look for. Posted on The Franchise King’s Blog, it read:

Me: What are some of the backgrounds of your most successful franchisees?

Rik: What makes us great is that our owners come from very diverse educational and occupational backgrounds. What makes ALL of our successful owners successful is their hard work and determination to succeed, but how they arrived there is dramatically different. In the past 24 months alone, we have added new franchise partners that include 3 CPA’s, a chemical and a mechanical engineer, a veterinarian that recently sold his 16 person clinic, 2 former CEO’s and a yacht captain. All had success prior to Window Genie, and all are on the track to success WITH Window Genie.

Me: What traits do you look for in a potential owner of a local Window Genie franchise?

Rik: This is a great place to bullet point who we look for and what traits tend to lead to success in our business. A prospective owner doesn’t have to have all of them, but the more the better: 

Being a self starter is an extremely important quality we look for. There are so many skills that can be taught, but having the innate ability to create success using one’s own drive and resources is hard to come by and we really value that. We look for someone with the ability to follow the system we’ve developed, but take it to a new level adding their own “flair” and create their own success above and beyond what we have to offer as guidance. Someone that does not DEPEND on the system but works WITH it will be successful. Being able to wear many hats and multitask as an owner/operator/manager. Not being afraid to face challenges inside and out the office from employee to customer relations. Being consistently professional and representing the brand to the best of your ability every day. The GAMMY rule – treating everyone’s home as though it’s Gammy’s home. Treating each customer, whether they call with a compliment or a complaint, as though it’s Gammy calling. Before you make a decision, consider, what would Gammy think? Being an honest decent human being is another quality that is difficult to teach. We look for men and women with integrity, who are willing to do the right thing, not the easy thing. A franchisee that truly cares about improving each home and business he enters will be successful. Enthusiasm is contagious and each interaction can become positive when the franchisee is passionate and genuinely proud of what his business has to offer. We look for leaders who can successfully manage their crew and set them up for success. Motivating employees to do their best and be proud of their work is essential. Successful hiring, training and continued guidance for employees creates positive experiences for customers each time those technicians enter their homes.

So once a franchisee comes aboard, what kind of support are they getting?

You’re probably wondering: Once you’ve awarded a franchise, what are you doing to ensure success across the whole system? Are your franchisees really getting the support and help they paid for by buying into a franchise? I’ll let the existing owners answer that.


98% of our franchisees completed the FBR50 franchisee satisfaction survey by Franchise Business Review last year. Their assessment of us earned Window Genie a spot at #4 in America for mid-sized franchises of 50-99 locations. Out of ALL the franchises that participated, regardless of size or industry, Window Genie ranked #35 in America for franchisee satisfaction. We’ve got some happy owners! Some of the benefits of buying into a Window Genie franchise are:



ž  Protected Territories

ž  Proprietary Office Genie™ Online Software

ž  Use of the Window Genie Name, Logo & Service marks

ž  Complete Initial and Ongoing Training – week of training at corporate headquarters in Cincinnati before Grand Openign

ž  Grand Opening Assistance on-site with corporate personnel

ž  Marketing and Advertising Programs

ž  Assistance with National Pay-Per-Click campaign via GOOGLE, YAHOO & MSN

ž  Continuing Field Support – on-site training with corporate personnel

ž  National Product & Equipment Affiliations

ž  WG-57 Genie Glass Cleaner for Promotion & Resale

ž  Purchase Discounts on Equipment & Supplies

ž  Publicity and PR Assistance

ž  1-800 Toll Free Support

ž  Teleconference Training “Best Practices” Calls for whole system and “Underclassmen Calls” for new owners

ž  Annual Convention for whole system – 2012 held in New Orleans, 2013 held in San Antonio


Enough about us, are you looking to take control of your own success? Have you always dreamed of being your own boss? If you’ve got the spirit of an entrepreneur and the drive to learn and grow, franchising is for you. To learn more about franchise opportunities, visit our online virtual brochure at or call 800-700-0022 to talk to someone today!


What is window film, and is it for me?

Window Film is your friend. Window film, or Window Tint is one of those incredible products that pay for itself over time. Window Film is universally beneficial to any home or office because it significantly lowers energy use and utility bills. There are countless reasons to have window film installed in your home beyond saving money. We're here to discuss some of the benefits you can enjoy by installing window film.

Utility Bills, Energy Use: GO GREEN & SAVE MONEY

Having window film applied in your home or office is a great investment because it pays for itself over time. During every season, window film helps eliminate unnecessary energy use to keep your home a comfortable temperature. Think of window film as your HVAC system’s partner in crime. Together they battle your home’s energy waste and save you money on utility bills without compromising comfort.

During hot summer days, window film deflects up to 79% of solar energy that penetrates your windows, heating your home. This gives your AC a break from having to work double-time to keep you cool. You no longer have to draw the blinds and curtains and live like a vampire to keep the sun’s heat off of you. You can still enjoy the benefits of a naturally bright sun-drenched room, but now without the heat, as these films will not darken your windows tremendously. Think of it as big sunglasses for your house!

In the winter, window film acts as an insulator, holding the heat in your home. High utility bills in the winter are a homeowner’s biggest nightmare. Everyone’s been there… the internal struggle on whether to put a scarf and mittens on while watching TV… or turn the heat up and pay for it later. Neither of those sounds like a good time!

FADE: stop the fading of your fine furnishings with window film


 All of our traditional and designer window films offer 99% UV protection to help eliminate the fading of your fine furnishings, carpet, hardwood floors, paintings and window treatments. The suns harsh rays are working nonstop to negatively affect the beauty and integrity of your interior. Left unprotected, windows provide easy entry into your home for the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Properly selected window tint can significantly reduce fading and helps you relax knowing that your possessions are safe. While no window tint can completely stop fading, our residential window films will significantly reduce the three major components that cause fading; UV, heat and visible light.

GLARE: can’t see a dang thing on the screen?

After installing window film into your home, you’ll be doing…

Less of this:


And more of this:

That irritating "white" light glare is a common problem in windows facing South, West and East. You have to move your seat to see your TV and end up just closing the curtains to read your email. This glare or white-light can cause a room to become uncomfortable and annoying to be in. When it comes to your home, you want to take full advantage of the style and ambiance that you created. Glare often times requires that blinds or drapes be drawn to make the room feel livable. Doing so eliminates the view and requires the constant adjusting of the window treatments. The addition of window film can cut down on the glare while still allowing for a clear view of the outside. Enjoy a bright sunny room without feeling like you need to wear your sunglasses inside. Properly selected window film can blend with the style of your home, adding to it a look and feel that actually complements the overall decor.


 That window in your bathroom really could use a set of blinds. It’s time to quit giving your neighbors a peep show. Don’t want to darken the “office” with curtains or blinds? Window film comes in a variety of choices from frosted to decorative to reflective privacy film that looks mirror-like from outside.

 Window film strengthens glass for increased security; intruders or extreme weather are less likely to be able to break the window. If they do, window film secures dangerous shards acting similarly to a broken windshield.



Have you ever tried to apply window film yourself? NOT EASY. Home improvement stores do carry DIY versions of window film, but none of them compare to the quality of window films that Window Genie provides. Window film application takes precision, a steady hand and a ton of supplies. Hiring help means the job will be done right and you don’t have to spend the day struggling only to end up frustrated because you left bubbles in the windows and have to start over. Ask your local Genie for a complete list of inventory and to discuss options to fit your needs. You can even get a free phone estimate!

We hope you understand a bit more about window film than you did before. Don't take our word for it, do your homework and call your local Genie to discuss your needs further.

Welcome to the Window Genie Blog!

    We've developed this page to initiate a variety of interesting discussions to educate, entice and entertain you. To help you get to know us a little better, here's a quick lesson on who Window Genie is; where we came from and where we are today: Does Window Genie sell windows? Fix them? Install them? Are we real Genies who can grant you three wishes? Close, but not exactly. Window Genie's tagline reads, "We Clean Windows and a Whole Lot More!" Very informative, I know. We do much more than clean windows but what kind of tagline would it be if we rambled on about our services, right? I'll take you back to where it all started. Window Genie was founded in Cincinnati in 1994. Tired of the corporate grind and willing to do what it took to be his own boss, Window Genie Founder and CEO, Rik Nonelle, took it upon himself to start over and be in control of his own success. Here's a quick timeline of Window Genie from 1994 to now:   Rik Nonelle gets degree from The Ohio State university in Marketing & Finance. Worked corporate jobs until starting Window Genie in 1994 Original business started as a residential window cleaning company Operation grew to 8 crews and the addition of pressure washing services Franchise operations began in 1998 with the tagline, "Cleaning America's Windows, Decks and Driveways." 2000: Window Film 2005: Gutter Protection 2006: Tile & Grout cleaning 2009: GENIEMOBILE wrapped vehicles 2010: Master Franchise Program 2011: Creation of Windows 4 Wishes give back program 2011-2012: Added 4 new members to the corporate team to support the system's tremendous growth 2012: Revamped and added this blog!

Window Genie has grown a great deal over the years. Today, there are over 100 units in operation. A few bragging rights we've earned recently are:

We were recently ranked #190 on Entrepreneur Magazine's 2013 Franchise 500 List. We jumped 217 spots from the 2012 list that had us ranked #407 We were featured in the 2012 Franchise Business Review Veterans & Franchising Special Report as one of the best franchises for Veterans We were named the 41st fastest growing franchise in America for 2012 by Entrepreneur Magazine Listed two years in a row for system-wide franchisee satisfaction by Franchise Business Review 5 Window Genie franchisees were awarded the Angie's List Super Service Award           Now that we're well acquainted, report back every week for news, updates, fun facts and to keep up with what's going on in the Window Genie world! Don't forget to browse our new website, find your local Genie and call for a free estimate today! Prepare for spring cleaning, recruit some help and let the power of the Genie work for you!  
Window Genie’s commitment to customer satisfaction and professionalism is what has made us America’s fastest growing home service franchise. With world class training and service standards, you will feel safe knowing your uniformed technician has completed a thorough background check and will take great pride in caring for your home or office. Every Window Genie franchise is locally owned and operated. Your local Genie carries full insurance, is bonded and uses only the best equipment and materials available in today’s market. Continue reading "Who is Window Genie?"

Welcome to the new Window Genie Blog. This blog will feature all of the latest news, specials, and tips for Window Genie's valued customers. Window Genie’s commitments to customer satisfaction and professionalism are what has made us America’s fastest growing home service franchise. With world class training and service standards, you will feel safe knowing your uniformed technician has completed a thorough background check and will take great pride in caring for your home or office. Every Window Genie franchise is locally owned and operated. Your local Genie carries full insurance, is bonded and uses only the best equipment and materials available in today’s market.

Continue reading "Welcome to the Genie Blog!"