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Prepping Your Screens for Spring

Spring brings bugs of all shapes, sizes, and types. Everyone wants to open their windows in the spring to let the fresh air in, but keep the bugs out. You need to check your screens before the insects start to become active. If your screens are loose, or have holes or rips, insects can enter and make homes in your house without you even noticing.

Where to Start

Inspect each window and its screen. See if any replacements are needed or hinges need to be oiled. Look over the screens for any tears, holes, or other needed repairs. Clean screens make damage easier to see. Dirty screens tend to break easily or become weak. It is easier (and cheaper) to clean and maintain, rather than to replace. Remember to remove the screens when you are cleaning or inspecting. You will be able to see everything better and it will be easier to do the job. This is a great time to lubricate hinges.

Small holes less than three inches can easily be patched. Holes or tears larger than three inches are good reasons to have the entire screen replaced. Money-saving tip: sometimes you can just replace the mesh, and keep the perfectly good frame!

It is important to clean window screens as part of your spring maintenance because even if you kept them covered, the screens still need a good look over and freshening up.

If you have high windows or a large amount of windows, you may want to call a professional to help clean your window screens. They will have the experience and time for a good quality job.

The Cleaning

To clean window screens, use a combination of warm water with a bit of soap. You can use a brush to gently scrub the screens (just be sure not to pop them out of the frame by scrubbing too hard!). Rinse the soap off lightly with clear water from a hose or something easy to pour.
Let the screens air dry. Simple as that!

If you have screens that are too hard to move, you may have to clean them where they are. You have to use a vacuum, soft brush, soft cloth, and soapy water to clean them in place. As with other screen cleaning, rinse with clear water and a clean cloth until there is no dirt. A vinegar and water mixture is another alternative that works well.

Remember, a professional company can make cleaning window screens quick and easy.

Tips on Window Cleaning

Cleaning window screens on a regular weekly schedule will help maintain the screens and reduce the need to do a full and deep clean very often. You can wipe or dust the screens once a week with a duster or soft cloth. This will keep dirt and dust at bay. You can also use a vacuum. Put the soft brush on your vacuum and gently go over the screen. Do not push hard or you will stretch the screen.

If the weather is good, clean all the screens at one time and do it outside. If you don’t have a yard or garage, a bathtub will do.

So don’t be afraid to get out and start cleaning window screens. Whether you use a cleaning service or your own hands, you can feel good about maintaining your home and enjoying the view out of your windows.

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