The Best Plants and Flowers to Plant in April

April is here and that means our cabin fever has reached its breaking point. The sun is shining longer and we need to be outside. Many of us see the sunshine and have the urge to start our gardening. We’ve been waiting months to be outside. We want to start playing in the dirt. But April’s weather might not be stable enough for all flowers. Here are few flowers that will be perfectly happy with April’s ever-changing weather.


Million Bells

Million bells were exported from South America to Europe in the 1800’s but overshadowed by petunias for a long time. Like other members of the plant family, Solanaceae is a tender perennial, but most gardeners treat the spring through frost bloomers as annuals. The blooms of million bells are approximately one inch across, and many sport veining or colorful throats that contrast with the primary petal color. Million bells’ foliage is bright green, oval-shaped, and compact. While they grow best in full sun, they can grow in colder shaded areas. Million bells are extremely resilient and are a perfect April flower.



Daylilies grow in many climates, and numerous hybrids are available in a variety of colors. The daylily is a hardy perennial. They can grow almost anywhere and they flower from October to January and March to April. When you choose the correct variety for your particular location they may flower up to six months each year. These flowers are able to survive with very little care in a wide range of climates. They are pretty much suitable for all types of landscapes. Daylilies are drought tolerant when necessary, with relatively few pest and disease problems in most gardens.



Not many flowers are as synonymous with spring as the lilac. Lilac’s familiar scent screams spring. Lilacs are super easy to grow and are very low maintenance. These flowers love chilly weather mixed with bright sun. Lilacs can be tough to care for, though. They grow into large bushes and will need pruning. They only bloom 7-14 days at a time, but if you can manage to plant overlapping species the bloom time can be extended up to 5-6 weeks. The amazing thing about lilacs is that they are one of the most winter hardy ornamental plants around. They can withstand temperatures of -40 degrees Fahrenheit but may need some protection from icy winds that could damage the flower buds. They need well-draining soil to prevent frozen water from damaging their roots and killing the tree.



Despite the derogatory nature associated with the name, pansies are very tough. Pansies are perfect for providing color when the rest of the garden looks as if it’s still in hibernation. These cool-weather lovers can actually make it through frosts and can even survive single-digit temperatures. Pansies can weather temperatures in the single digits and bounce back after the weather warms. But they can only be that strong if they’ve had a chance to get a good footing. Pansies will thrive best if the soil temperature is between 45 and 65 degrees. This low temperature makes them perfect for April planting.


Early spring flowers can bring the color and warmth of spring to your garden weeks ahead of schedule. Not only do early spring blooming flowers add beauty, they can be helpful in attracting bees and butterflies to help pollinate your yard early in the season.

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3 thoughts on “The Best Plants and Flowers to Plant in April”

  1. Lengthen the flowering period. Remove the dead flowers by breaking the stalks a little way below them. This is called deadheading and encourages the plant to produce new flowers rather than spend its energy on producing seeds.

  2. How long will pansies live. I was told through Sept. IS That Correct? I have planted alot of them. I live in South Jersey. Thanks… Happy planting!

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