How To Remove Paint From Windows

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Painting the trim around your windows can freshen any room, making them pop! But it’s a hassle when you end up spending the majority of your time and effort putting painters tape on the glass to avoid getting paint all over your windows. If you have divided light windows… forget about it. You’d better hope you have a kid on punishment to pawn it off to! What if we were to tell you that it’s okay to color outside the lines, and that removing paint from your glass is much easier than preventing it? With a few simple tools and techniques, flawless windows can be achieved.

glass cleaner 1The number one DON’T to removing paint from your windows is that you NEVER scrape or scrub glass while it’s dry. ALWAYS use a lubricating solution to avoid friction that can lead to scratching. Most solutions can be made with a combination of common household products such as water, vinegar and a few drops of dish liquid. Your favorite glass cleaner can also offer the necessary moisture needed to help your tools glide across the glass. Our WG-57 Glass Cleaner is ammonia free and has a clinging foam quality that helps you to see where you’ve applied it and where you may need more while removing paint. Ask your local Genie for a can or two!

paint on windows pic 2paint on windows pic 1There are a variety of tools you can use. We recommend using a Triumph Scraper – it’s meant to remove paint from glass and is easy to use. If you prefer something a bit safer, there are plastic options that cannot accidentally cut you. Our favorite is Scraperite plastic razor blades – they look like your typical razor blade, but are much safer! These won’t work as well as steel on really tough glass jobs, but they’re worth a try. They are especially effective on getting accidental drips of paint off surfaces such as your wood floor or wall, however.

In addition to using straight edge blades, you can consider using 0000 steel wool. This is super fine grade, and is a personal preference over blades for some. Many claim it increases the threat of scratching, but if done properly with a fresh, clean pad, can remove a lot of paint in little time.

Some technique tips we can offer:

  • always hold the blade at a 45 degree angle to the glass
  • push the blade towards the frame, but do not push into the gasket (could break your seals)
  • lift the blade after making a pass, do not drag it back and forth

We hope you’re better prepared to start removing that pesky paint on your windows… but when in doubt, call a professional.

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