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Reuse, Recycle & Re-purpose This Fall

An art piece showcasing a waste bin, promoting the concepts of reuse, recycle, and repurpose.

Fall is in full swing! If your leaves haven’t already hit the ground they are on their way. The weather is becoming colder. People are bringing out the scarfs and sweaters. But just because the seasons have changed doesn’t mean you can go into hibernation. Fall is a great time to start re-purposing, recycling, and reusing.


raking leaves.

This is the most obvious place to start. A lot of townships and cities encourage their residents to rake leaves towards the end of their yard. Someone then comes around and picks up leaves. Why don’t we try something new? Creating a compost pile out of your fall foliage is an excellent way to get some great food for your garden. Fall is a great time to start a compost pile because it’s a little cooler and the decomposition process with be a slower. By the time spring rolls around you will have fully realized compost heap.


donation box with clothes.

Fall is a great time to revamp your wardrobe. Instead of just stockpiling sweaters try turning an old one into a scarf. Save your old jeans for the spring and create a new pair of shorts. You can also make decent money for Christmas by selling your old clothes. There are consignment stores popping up all over, and there are other stores that might be willing to buy your clothes. It’s a great way to get your closet cleaned out as well as make a little cash. But the most noble way to recycle your clothes is by donating. With winter rapidly approaching many thrift stores and out reach programs will see a shortage of climate appropriate clothing. The best types of clothes to donate are ones that aren’t damaged. You can put them to better use than as closet fixtures. Don’t forget that you can deduct clothing donations to qualified organizations on your income tax return.


food donation.

Here is another opportunity to build that compost pile. All your vegetable and fruit wastes, (including rinds and cores) even if they are moldy and ugly are great for building your compost. Old bread, donuts, cookies, crackers, pizza crust, noodles: anything made out of flour can also be added. Egg shells and corn cobs are extremely popular during the fall months and they make for terrific additions to your compost. But if you want to give back there are several ways to donate food. Your local food bank will be the best place to donate food. But, if you’re looking to go above and beyond, you can also host your own food drive. This year’s giving could also be toward the loved ones that are unable to join you. Holidays can be a lonely time for some people and sending a holiday meal is a great way to let them know you’re thinking of them. MagicKitchen has an awesome opportunity for anyone to literally send a Thanksgiving dinner. There are an assortment of meal bundles, including low-carb and vegetarian.

Here is a list of links to help you give back this fall:

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