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Squeegee Seminar: 3 Reasons to Summon Window Genie

The squeegee has been an under-appreciated staple of the expert window cleaning industry for years. Most people’s experience with squeegees is with those dirty double-sided tools found in the hanging mop bucket at the gas station used in a pinch to clean your windshield during a road trip. As one of the cleanest, most effective tools for cleaning glass or any flat surface, we thought we’d take it upon ourselves to highlight the history of and many benefits of the squeegee… and some tips for first-timers!

The squeegee first emerged in the 18th century as an instrument used by sailors needing to scrape the decks of their weather-worn ships. The humble squeegee even makes a cameo in Herman Melville’s classic American Renaissance novel Moby Dick, where it is called a “squilgee.”

Since the 18th century, the squeegee has come a long way, as have the skills used by its wielder. Window Genie’s 3-step cleaning process involves some sublime squeegee skills that often go unrecognized by those on the outside looking in. The real learning curve only reveals itself when stubborn DIYers try their hand at squeegeeing themselves and end up with a streaky and mottled window. Suddenly, their complaints about window cleaning prices fade away.

Are you interested in learning more about Window Genie’s squeegee skills? Well, your wish is granted – read on for a squeegee seminar, and learn about the premium clean purchase for a reasonable window cleaning cost!

Window Genie are squeegee authorities.

To the inexperienced, there are a surprising number of tricks involved in getting a perfect clean with a squeegee. Though there are no real secrets, practice is key to getting the feel just right. The learning curve can be pretty steep. Simply pulling down to whisk away water will result in streaks and drips.

There are a number of things you need to get right all at once to produce the results you’d expect from an expert window cleaning. Of course, you need the right equipment; this includes a window cleaning mop, cleaning solution, and squeegee. While there are a number of DIY window cleaning solutions floating around on the internet, we find homeowners using a simple solution of water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid works great! You need to cover every square inch with soapy water, without marring the window frames or sills with crusted soap suds. Overlapping your squeegee strokes properly is crucial so that you don’t end up dragging water back across a freshly cleaned window. It is usually recommended to handle the edges first, herding the water and soap around while working your way in and down with a single, sweeping “snake-like: stroke. Working on a very curvy downward slope, side to side takes practice but is easily worked into your muscle memory. This avoids any streaks that the basic straight-down column-stroke method will produce. This is easier said than done, though; the corner work, attention to detail, appropriate use of pressure, and stroke length all require a tremendous amount of practice.

Rather than wasting your time and using your windows as a tester, why not just save the money you would spend on materials, and contact a proven window cleaning authority?

Window Genie squeegee skills guarantee expert window cleaning in any condition.

It takes a skilled hand to leave a streak-free clean behind under even the best conditions. However, a Window Genie can give you expert window cleaning under any conditions. Our squeegee skills are not relative to the weather; our expert window cleaning is available year-round, and neither cold, snow, rain, nor heat can get in the way of our pursuit of excellence!

Not only can we work through the elements, but every Window Genie worker knows exactly how to weave their squeegee around grids, curtains, and other obstructions. When you book your appointment, you do not need to take down any of your furnishings or window accessories. We will either work around them or temporarily remove them ourselves.

Our unmatched squeegee skills are only one part of a premium cleaning process.

Our 3-step cleaning process adds extra value to an already reasonable window cleaning cost. Unlike most competitors, our window cleaning prices include an extra service at no charge, as we also scrub every window we clean to rid the surface of any built-up sap, animal waste, or insect residue. This only gives you more reason to choose Window Genie for your squeegee needs – buy one service, and get another entirely free!

Squeegeeing is no joke. Don’t struggle with streaks when you could have used the money you spent on materials to get an expert window cleaning. Call us to find your local Genie and get a free estimate on your professional window cleaning.

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