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Best Practices for Squeegee Window Cleaning

Window cleaning isn’t rocket science – we’ll be the first to admit it!

But that doesn’t mean some techniques aren’t better than others. I’m sure you’ve heard of a few different popular window cleaning hacks: everything from homemade cleaners to using newspapers, coffee filters, or even diapers to wipe the glass. Well, those may work just fine… but we’re here to tell you that you can recycle those newspapers, and keep the diapers on your babies (those are expensive, you know!) because all you need is a squeegee for quick and easy streak-free window cleaning this spring cleaning season.

Window cleaning technician.

The squeegee has been a staple in the window cleaning industry for years, but you won’t find many of them in the cleaning supply bin in most homes. Most people’s experience with squeegees is with those dirty double-sided tools found in the hanging mop bucket at the gas station. As one of the cleanest, most effective tools for cleaning glass or any flat surface, we thought we’d share a little history of the many benefits of the squeegee… and some tips for first-timers!

The squeegee first emerged in the 18th century as an instrument used by sailors needing to scrape the decks of their weather-worn ships. Our humble squeegee even makes a cameo in Herman Melville’s classic American Renaissance novel Moby Dick, where it is called a “squilgee.”

Anyway… If you want to keep your windows sparkling between Window Genie appointments, here’s what you need to do:

  • Go get a squeegee!
  • Get a window cleaning mop/strip washer
  • Get a bucket & some dish soap
  • Practice, practice, practice!

You can purchase a small squeegee for inside your home from most home improvement stores – or of course, Amazon. Window Genie loves the Unger and Ettore brands.

Though there are no real secrets (remember, it’s not rocket science), practice is key. Over time you’ll develop a muscle memory, and this chore will become second nature. Our favorite method is to use snake-like sweeping motions. Pulling the squeegee straight across or down the glass may cause streaking, and your arms will tire quickly. Also, while there are several DIY window cleaning solutions floating around on the internet, we find that a simple solution of water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid works GREAT!

Here’s a quick video showing you that “snake” motion in action:

If just reading this blog post about window cleaning wears you out, you can always call in a professional. Spring cleaning to-do lists can start to add up, so contact your local Genie – or any of our sister brands by visiting! From maids to handymen, plumbers, and more… the Neighborly family of brands is there to help you clean, maintain, and restore your home.

Bonus tip! Keep this in your back pocket for next winter: our blog on Cleaning Windows in Freezing Temps.

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