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Stay Safe This Summer with Window Film

The summer sun is out. It’s hard to be mad at the sun for shining on a beautiful day, but there is no doubt that many beautiful views and indoor activities can be ruined by unwanted glare. Window Genie’s residential window tint is a great solution, being able to filter out annoying glare without altering your view in any way.

Aside from helping your view, Window Genie’s residential window tint also has a number of advantages to offer when it comes to keeping you safe. Read on to learn how our window tint installation can help keep you, your family, and your home safe this summer.

Keep burglars at bay.

A commonly overlooked benefit of installing window film in your home is that it protects you and your family from intruders and extreme weather. The films we use bind layers of polyester film together with special adhesives. This greatly reduces the threat of smash-and-grab style theft, since the window pane’s pieces of held in place by the adhesive coating, much like a car windshield. This deters most thieves after the first smash; only especially daring people are willing to take multiple swings at a window in a populated residential or commercial area. Also, the binding properties of window film mean you’re not left with a shattered mess of glass shards sprayed across the room. Window Genie commercial and residential window film adopts technology used by government contractors looking to guard against bomb threats. We believe in our product. Even if you don’t have the risk of theft to worry about, residential window tint is a great choice because it makes minor scratches from pets, furniture shifts, and day-to-day grazes hardly visible.

Limit the sun’s heating effect on your home.

You ever noticed your pet lying in a sunny spot on the floor? That’s no coincidence, they’re basking in the heat of the sun! While Fido and Fluffy may enjoy soaking in the rays, your HVAC is working overtime to keep the house cool; and when you get the next utility bill, you’ll see it’s YOU who pays the price! Window Genie’s residential window tint offers considerable heat reduction. Aside from comfort and energy consumption, this has a number of important implications for the health of your pets, houseplants, and family. With all of the recent social media attention directed at parents and pet owners leaving their dependents confined in parked cars to cook, it is no wonder that more and more Americans are starting to take notice of the importance of controlling the temperature of their homes.

When trying to save money, cranking on the air-conditioning can be impractical, especially as the blistering summer sun is working against you. Investing in a simple window tint installation can be the perfect solution to those looking to keep their home’s interior cool on hot summer days without working their HVAC systems to failure. The bottom line is that you can save money on air conditioning costs, and keep your family safe from boiling indoor temperatures, all by investing in a single-day window tint installation with Window Genie!

Block out harmful ultraviolet light.

One of the benefits of residential window tint that often goes underappreciated is its ability to protect our skin and belongings. Ultraviolet light is not only responsible for sunburns but is one of the leading causes of skin cancer. In fact, many of the residential window tint options offered by window tint installation professionals are given the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation. Window Genie’s residential window tint offers up to 99.9% UV protection, which means that your family can enjoy sunny vistas and beautiful views without ever having to risk damage from sun exposure.

UV light not only harms your skin, though. UV light is also responsible for thousands of dollars of damage done to the interiors of American homes each year. UV light can fade vibrant furniture fabrics like leather so that a striking color palette loses its luster. Additionally, UV light that rests on hard surface flooring or carpet over a long period of time can cause significant fading, both to the color of your carpet fabric and to the wood grain flooring option you have gone with.

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