Stop Floods and Leaks with Rain Gutter Cleaning

It’s not a pleasant thought to have during the peak of the warm summer weather, but winter is coming. Though your instinct might be to sprawl out in a poolside lounge chair and fire up the barbeque, there is no better time to handle all of the home maintenance chores that will keep your property protected under the snow than when the sun is shining! Now is the time for rain gutter cleaning; if neglected, your home could be at serious risk of flooding, leaking, and the dreaded frost-heave.

I know what you’re probably thinking – rain gutter cleaning is a nightmare. Scaling rickety old ladders and plunging your hand wrist-deep into filthy, bug-ridden rain gutters is nobody’s idea of a good time, especially when the summer sun is begging you to take a dip in the pool or climb on your bike.

Fortunately, you don’t have to put down the margarita or the grill tongs, nor do you have to jeopardize the well-being of your property by neglecting your rain gutter cleaning. You can have your cake and eat it too when you choose Window Genie’s rain gutter cleaning service. Our team of Window Genie professionals are highly trained, well-equipped, and fully insured, so that you are guaranteed a top-quality clean without any risk of damage done to your property, or a suit being filed against you for a slip-and-fall. Our technicians understand the importance of rain gutter cleaning, and can help you stop floods and leaks that could cost you thousands.

For a better idea of how we can stop floods and leaks with rain gutter cleaning, or if you are looking for tips for a DIY attempt, read on!

The basic process for Window Genie’s rain gutter cleaning:

·         Clean gutters of all debris. This may include bird nests, insect hives or carcasses, stray branches, leaves, dirt, mud, and more. We caution homeowners from doing this themselves, since a lack of proper protective equipment and rain gutter cleaning tools can put you at risk of cuts, scrapes, or infection from rust, sticks, and other debris.

·         Check that all rain gutters and downspouts are free from rust and properly sealed.

      When you invest in a Window Genie rain gutter cleaning, you also get an expert pair of eyes to assess your property and drainage equipment for any wear and tear. Rust may indicate leaks, while improper seals can disrupt your gutter systems’ expulsion of water from the roof and cause it to leak back into the home.

·         Check ridge capping, ensure it is intact, showing no signs of cracks or peeling.

      This also gives us an opportunity to ensure that your ridge capping is ventilating properly; if not, your home could suffer flooding as a result of “ice dams” being formed during the winter. When these thaw, the water runs directly into your home, creating a risk of mold formation behind drywall and jeopardizing electrical wiring.

·         Check for any eave staining.

      Eave staining is a sure sign of hidden leak issues. If they are not properly identified and traced to their source, you could be undermining the integrity of your home from the inside out without even realizing it. Rotting wood, mold, and electrical hazards are a few potential implications of unresolved eave staining.

When your rain gutters are cleaned in this manner by our highly-trained and well-equipped professionals, you will not need to worry about flooding or leaks any longer. We ensure that your rain gutters work as they are designed to, which is to divert the flow of water away from your home. We remove all obstructions and sign off on the integrity of your gutter system. Aside from flood and leak prevention, our rain gutter cleaning service also stops rotting, mold, insect breeding grounds, and cracked foundations.

To book your rain gutter cleaning, or to learn more about the Window Genie home maintenance suite, visit today!

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2 thoughts on “Stop Floods and Leaks with Rain Gutter Cleaning”

  1. Rain gutters fill a decent need in home upkeep. It courses spillover water from an extensive surface – the house’s rooftop – to where it can securely empty away out of the house counteracting water harm, ensuring sidings, windows, entryways, and establishments. Thanks for sharing great article

  2. Rain gutter cleaning services are required to Stop Floods and Leaks, install seamless rain gutters to your residential or commercial area to avoid the making of Niagara Falls at your place.

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