“You get what you pay for,” is a phrase oftentimes used by someone who’s been been burned by the cheaper option. When that thing you buy breaks, or the person you hired does a bad job… you begin to question your decision making process. Cheaper is almost never better - whether it’s goods or services, we tend to be at a constant battle for finding a quality but affordable choice. Can we have it all? Continue reading "You Get What You Pay For With Home Service Professionals"

When hiring an individual or team to come perform a service at your home... you may find yourself concerned with a number of unsettling scenarios including: 

What if they steal something? What if they break something? If they get hurt while working at my house... am I liable?

Unfortunately, not all service providers are taking the proper precautions to ensure your protection in the event any of these scenarios play out. It’s important to educate yourself so you know you’re hiring a company that is certified, trained, insured, bonded and/or background checked.

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