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The 3 Real Reasons to have Clean Windows

Living room with clear windows.

When it comes to our homes everyone believes theirs is the best. We have undeclared wars over whose lawn looks the best. Neighbours have civil arguments about why brick is better than vinyl. They bicker over which host looks best next to a birch. But often times we forget the true deciding factor to what makes a house stand out above the rest…

…Clean windows! According to Barbra Corcoran “After location, light is the second most quoted reason a buyer chooses a house, so let the sunshine in! Clean all of your windows…”

Barbara Corcoran knows a thing or two about the importance of curb appeal – here are 3 reasons she’s right!


Having a great lawn or the perfect view is important, but to truly appreciate those you must have a clean window. Windows can be a second thought when it comes to spring cleaning. We dust, mow, and paint but often we forget about our windows. Some might argue clear windows are the most important part of enjoying a clean home. Looking out a dirty window sounds like a bad 80s song and it’s just as unpleasant. When we wash our cars we pay extra special attention to our windows and our homes should be no different. The next time you are visiting someone’s home measures your reaction to the clarity of their windows. Now think about your home. Would you be comfortable having guests gaze out your living room window today?


Remember Glass Joe? He was The 38-year-old Frenchman from the Nintendo game Mike Tyson’s Punchout!!!, whose “glass jaw” made him the easiest victory in the game. It doesn’t take a punch from Mike Tyson to break the glass. For this reason, its maintenance is of the utmost importance. Windows that aren’t cleaned on a regular basis are at risk for etching. Etching is great if you are creating a beautiful work of art, but for home windows, this can be disastrous. Etching and scratching can weaken glass causing the already fragile material to shatter easier. What causes etching? It depends on where you live:

  • Live near the ocean? Lucky you! Except that being close to the ocean can cause salt and sand to collect on windows. Without regular cleanings, these embed themselves into your porous glass causing permanent stains and cracks.
  • Living near a forest or wooded area can be magical. The wildlife and greenery can bring enjoyment. They can also bring hazardous materials to your windows. Sap and bark, not to mention pests, can wreak havoc on windows.
  • The Midwest is the hub of suburbia. But the Midwest has the hardest water in America. Hard water from sprinklers or hoses can cause serious problems to windows. Hard water contains minerals like calcium and magnesium that find their way into the pores of glass.

Increased Value & Curb Appeal

Buying a home is more than just a purchase, it’s an investment. There are several things that can make a house desirable for a buyer. Maybe it has a swimming pool or a big yard. Sometimes it’s something smaller. Don’t have the time or money for big overhauls like finishing the basement. Clean windows can boost your home’s curb appeal immensely while prepping for an open house. In fact, according to Money Magazine, the number one presale improvement that generates the best return on investment is having clean windows. They say the average return on window cleaning is 769%.

The appearance, preservation, and value of your home are important. Window cleaning is an essential tool to help maintain an attractive homestead. The tricky part is getting a spotless, streak-free, clear window, and don’t forget about screen cleaning! Don’t blame it on the rain – did you know it’s actually a dirty screen’s fault that your windows appear dirty after a storm? If you choose the DIY route, don’t forget about ladder safety! Ladders can be dangerous and proper equipment can be expensive so why not call a professional? So now that you’re armed with your secret weapon (clean windows), get out there and win that “best-looking house on the block” skirmish!

Scheduling regular window cleaning can extend the life of your windows and save you money in the long run. Call your local Genie for a free estimate today! Visit our locations page today to find a Window Genie in your neighbourhood or call 877-A-Genie-2U

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