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The Art of Cleaning Window Screens

There is an art to cleaning window screens. Although it may look simple enough, there is actually some skill involved. Once clean, how do you keep them in good condition?  Let’s take a look at cleaning window screens, how to maintain them and what types are used.

When Is A Good Time To Clean Window Screens

You should clean your window screens at least once a year. Spring is a good time, before the bug season gets into full swing. Or you can do it at the end of summer when you take them down for the winter. Some folks simply take out the screens, clean them and put them back in.

Pick a day that is sunny and just a bit windy, as it will help the screens dry quickly.


Cleaning screens seems simple enough, it does take some experience though, and a lot of time.
Have a large tub or an area deep enough to submerge the screen. It can be rubbed with a soft or synthetic brush. Only do one screen at a time to prevent damage. Brush gently in both directions, and on both sides of the screen.

Rinse gently with a garden hose. Gently shake the screen to remove excess water and lean it against something clean until dry.

Maintaining Screens Saves Time, Effort and Money

Screens can become brittle and weak if they aren’t cared for. Maintain your screens by keeping windows clean, especially the tracks. Always check the corners of the screens when you clean the windows, and if they are fading you will need to replace them. The fading means they are going to break shortly. If the screen has holes, or is staring to wear, it is time to replace it. Shiny screens are also bad news; it means the screen is old. A good screen should be tight with all corners snug.

Types of Screens

Fiberglass Window Screens: most popular as it doesn’t rust or corrode. It can be used for windows doors and patios. Fiberglas screens also come in different colors!

Aluminum Window Screens: a tough, metal mesh. Usually comes in black, dark grey and silver. Black is typically used on house windows because it isn’t very noticeable from inside. This type of screen also has less glare. It comes in dark grey, to complement painted window frame systems.

Specialty Window Screens: these are screens made for specific purposes, such as solar screens, pet resistant screens and retractable screens. Solar screens have good visibility, but blocks direct sunlight. Pet resistant screens come from a heavy polyester, coated in vinyl which makes it very strong. Retractable screens are for windows and doors. It is made from fiberglass and coated in vinyl.

Sometimes, calling a professional for the job saves time and money. Professionals make cleaning window screens convenient and have expert, detailed advice. Many window cleaning services will also do your screens at the same time. Simply ask what their services cover. Cleaning window screens can be an enjoyable experience.

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