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How to Clean Pollen of Your Porch, Windows, Roof, Car & More

Pollen, overlaid with text that reads End of pollen season? Resume spring cleaning!

The end is near! The end of pollen season that is. Some say this spring was the worst pollen season yet… I’m sure those of you with allergies say that every year!

During the heavy pollen season, sometimes it seems like a waste of time to bother cleaning the outside of your home and car because in no time at all everything is covered in a dusty yellow film again. Don’t give up! While pollen can interfere with your spring cleaning efforts, we’re here to offer some tips to make your life easier:

  • Washing your house, patio, roof and deck regularly is the only way to rid your home’s exterior of pollen. Yes it will come back, but especially if you’re dealing with allergies, this will help a lot! Blasting away a layer of yellow pollen off large surfaces is best done with a pressure washer, not a hose. A hose is okay for small projects like patio furniture, but you’ll waste time and water trying to do a house wash with your hose. Before you go out and rent or buy a pressure washer, check out our blog on some of the most common DIY pressure washing mistakes. We also have a blog to help novice pressure washers through their first project.
  • Clean your windows, and keep them closed! While you probably want to open your windows and let the spring breeze in, pollen will find its way into your home and settle on your interior sills and more – and pollen can stain! Cleaning your windows is important because if they’re covered in a yellow film, you’re not going to be able to enjoy the view – and springtime is a beautiful time of year! Pollen is stubborn and will just continue to cake on over time, so letting it sit there all season long can be problematic. You’ll find it’s much harder to clean at the end of the season if it’s left undisturbed for a few months. Try to also rinse your screens at least once or twice, so the pollen does not settle in.

Open window
Some prevention tips to think about for next spring:

  • Wash & wax your car before spring hits. While you’ll still be dealing with a dusty car all spring long, the wax barrier will help immensely in protecting the paint on your car. More frequent car washes will be needed throughout the spring to keep it clean, but waxing BEFORE pollen season arrives is the best bet for real protection.
  • Invest in some covers for your patio furniture. While you can’t just drape a sheet over your entire house to protect it from pollen, you can certainly cover your grill & furniture to avoid having to hose them down every time you want to sit outside. Pollen is unavoidable in most parts of the country, but having covers will ease the frustration of the yellow mess and prevent stains on clothing.
  • Keep an eye on the weather report. Typically you’ll be warned of a “pollen storm” and can plan accordingly. Keep windows in your house/car shut so you’re not dealing with a blanket of yellow dust on your interior sills or car seats.


For some of you, pollen season is winding down which is cause for celebration! No more itchy eyes and throat, and you can be free from the constant looming threat. So get out there, clean up and enjoy the outdoors!

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